Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 2

Check out Lulu's Hells Bells Leggings!!! Jealous much!!

We just had to do it the avril way while seeing an avril song! HAHA.


Oh yes i am, i am...hahaha!

Today didnt go too well...

I ate a lot for someone who's suppose to be losing weight. Had a bowl of healthy bee hoon soup and wanted to just stop there and not snack on anything but...sadly...i was tempted by Famous Amos and got 100g of cookies. Then the girls and i went to KBOX! Didn't know they serve food. Deep Fried Food. It was just in front of me to eat...so i did. Sinful.

Anyway, I've always seen KBOX as a "cheena paradise" and never bothered to actually go there but guess what? It really isn't that bad! There's quite a lot english songs to sing to! It's my first time karaoke-ing and i'm sure it won't be my last! I enjoyed myself sooo much! Oh and i had ice cream too. SIGH.

I did exercise today though! I went jogging! The most effective way to losing weight the right way! I ran 10 rounds = 4km. Of course i did stop...i'm no athlete! Since my diet planned totally FAILED today, i shall go jogging tomorrow morning as well to make up for what i did today.

I better watch my diet tomorrow...

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