Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 3

Twistandkiss Update #47!

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By the time i woke up...the sun was scorching hot and so that = can't go jogging. Or more like i don't want to because i don't wanna get tanner.

It's 4:19pm and all i had for the day was a cup of hot milo! I was too busy with Twistandkiss and totally forgot about lunch! I love being busy!! :)

However...i just ate quite a lot for dinner...

Irresistable sambal stingray and kang kong!! Finished my rice too!! :( Sigh. So much for being happy i didn't have lunch. Now it's as good as having 2 meals today.

I did exercise though! I was reading all my comments and there were a few people who said swimming works so...i went swimming! For about 40 mins only least i swam!

I hope i'll be able to wake up early to go for a morning jog tomorrow! I still feel that jogging's the most effective way to losing weight though some said it'll make my calf muscles even bigger soo....idk if i should jog everyday! OH but why do long distance runners always have such thin legs?

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