Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 4

Seeing strappy gladiator sandals EVERYWHERE?

Try something new!

Click here to view the sandals! :)

Credits: x

It's been 4 days since the girl sent my items out but it still isn't here. I'm extremely worried because i spent close to $60 on it and i really really love the vest so much! I hope it isn't a case of lost mail. Sigh...i usually opt for registered postage but this time...stupid me decided to TRY normal postage since it was successful the previous time. I really trust this spree organizer so yeah..she shouldve sent it out. All i can do now is to pray damn hard singpost is just SLOW or maybe she wrote the wrong add and it'll be sent back to her...

I should really really stop trusting normal postage because i think ive lost close to $300 worth of items through normal postage.

The worst thing is losing item(s) from a spree! Like, you wait close to 3 weeks and then you don't even get the item(s) at the end of the wait. :(

For today, i had 2 pieces of peanut butter bread for breakfast and tom yum maggie mee with 5 chilli padis (i love chilli!!!) for lunch! Intending to have ba chor mee from opposite for dinner!

Eating normally today!! Oh btw, does chilli make you lose weight or gain? I love chilli and i must have almost everything with chilli!

Ran 4km! I wanted to stop at 2.4km but when i walked and looked down at my thighs, it was all jiggly wiggly so then i just told myself "This must go!!!!!" and i continued jogging! :)

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