Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 8

Twistandkiss has u!

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Today's a pretty awesome day!

Have advertorials coming in!! = $$$ = SHOPPING!!


Diet going pretty well! It's about 5pm and all i had was a cup of milo, 2 sausages and pomelo (is this the right sp?)! Thinking of going for a jog after this entry.

I think i lost 1 kg already? Ok not sure but i hope the weighing machine didn't lie to me when i took my weight just an hour ago.

Am going to put extensions tomorrow! I miss the feeling of having super long hairrrr.

Can my day get any better?!?!

Just when i was about to go jogging, Mr Postman came with my big box of Forever 21 stuff i got last week! Whoaaaaa...was it fast!?! F21 international shipping rox my sox (though its really quite pricey)!!

Not sure if i wanna go for a jog already...i feel like trying my stuff! Haha.

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