Wednesday, September 3, 2008

False accusations SUCK.


So i gotta remove it because the girl asked me to do so and as much as i dont wish to (the post makes me feel proud of myself for standing up for my boyfriend!), i will. Well anyway, it wont reflect well on me if i refuse to because that will only show that i like trouble and no, i don't like trouble. Not a single bit. If you're completely clueless on what just happened? Good. Let it stay that way. I can summarise the whole thing in just 1 word. Childish.

Oh now, there's peace. ^^V

Oh crap... _realthin got me hooked, again. That means h8ing myself. Looking at my bf makes me hate myself too BECAUSE HE IS SO THIN AND IT'S WEIRD THAT I'M FATTER THAN HIM.

**P.S Regina, I's good friend, wants all of you readers to "shut your traps" and stop calling Isabella "skinny" and "dog" (TSK TSK AIYOH JILL AH!!!). I've already stopped accepting comments on the matter since noon so yeah....Relax relax we sure don't want to offend them. Really. We Don't.

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