Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'll be better!

So lately, i've been receiving a few comments saying that my blog's getting more and more boring and i can't agree more! Been really busy lately that's why...So sad lah! But you know what they always say...the truth hurts.

I'll be more wordy then. Since those people complain that it's not as wordy as before. I thought it would be a good thing. It's so weird? I'm a blogger whose english is so...average...

So anyway!! I really really want to post the picture of my new leather jacket with studs! It's one of the nicest leather jackets i've ever laid my eyes on...

Looks a lil like this...

which is the most expensive item you'll ever find in btw. Retailing at US$150.80.
Whereas mine, which is even nicer with more studs, is only about SG$89! From Bugis St., can you believe it?!?! It's the one & only piece so THANK GOD!! Thanks to Shermin darl'!

I would post a pic of it but my cam's with Freda so :(:(.

Well, you'll definitely get to see it soon! IT'S THE PERFECT LEATHER JACKET REALLY! :)

And now i'm going to and ordering a bunch of stuff for myself and will use the international shipping so i need not wait for weeks but instead, 1 week (maybe even lesser)!

Oh and i got my Nuffnang cheque of $1xx today!! So it feels like i didn't pay for my leather jacket but Nuffnang did. Like i always say, feels like money dropped down from the sky and so, HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LOVE NUFFNANG?! :)

I'm working tomorrow (Sun) & i'll say it again, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY JOB. Visit me if you want! I'm not scary at all. I don't bite. Haha. :):)

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