Monday, September 15, 2008

Rave Salon

So last Friday, i did my hair!

Last week, the boss of Rave Salon, Tommy, contacted me and asked me to help him do an advertorial because someone who reads my blog told him about my blog (thank you whoever you are!!:)). A few days later,he sms-ed me and then he realised he actually knows me! Then i also realised that he so happens to be my boss 2 years ago...when i was selling xmas cards! Oh and 2 years back he also told me his dream is to open a salon and, 2 years later, he did!

Dreams do come true!


I really didnt know what to do with my hair...

Since i was sooo sick of my straight hair, i decided to perm it!

Look like my real hair right!! Hahaha!

Though the result isn't great (no it's not their's my hair!!)...i am very very satisfied with the service!

Ok, wait, i'll explain why the result isn't great first!

Well...i bleached my hair once, and my hair is kinda since i did curls starting from halfway and not from my roots, the curls aren't obvious at all..and my hair cant really absorb the chemical to make it curl because it's damaged by bleaching. I REGRET BLEACHING MY HAIR! the service part!

I really like the people working there because they really try to make me feel as comfortable as possible like offering my drinks and talking to me...though in chinese...which i really cannot make it so i hardly spoke...just kept smiling and trying to understand what they're saying.

The lady who did my hair, Janet, is extremely friendly and very gentle with my hair! I cannot stand those who aren't gentle with it...hateeeee my hair being pulled and treated very roughly.

There were quite a lot of students walking in throughout the 3 hours i was there! Why? Because there were like....maybe 10 other salons around and Rave Salon just opened around July!

The prices are pretty reasonable too!

Of course you shouldn't compare it with salons like Toni and Guy or KR+...because those are the really ATAS kinda salon. So for teenagers like you & i, who don't wanna spend a bomb on our hair but still want to have nice hair + a pleasant experience...head to Rave Salon!

Oh and another reason why you should do your hair there?

Anyone reading this get to enjoy 5% off!!! How awesome is that!!! Just look for Tommy, and tell him you read my blog! :)

Rave Salon is located at Far East Plaza, #04-02.
Go up by the lift near Subway (which is near This Fashion)!

You can call 67343320 for the price range or if you have any enquiries!

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri 11am-9pm
Sat/Sun/Public Holidays 11am-8pm

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