Saturday, September 27, 2008

See U Tmr, Lappie

Am going to leave my laptop here at my work place since i've work tomorrow and i wanna go out later!!

So that means i'll have to do without a laptop at night (desktop still down!). Afraid i won't be able to fall asleep...

But thank god for the sleeping pills the boy got me! Shall pop 2 and then tuck myself into bed...

Wake me up when september ends!

(ok or maybe not...)


Oh by the way, am going to delete EVERY SINGLE comment that's not pleasant to my eyes from now onwards (ive said this before but sometimes i decide to accept a few...but now...cannot take it anymore lah!). Would not even bother replying them cause it really affects my mood and if i receive a horrible comment everyday, my mood would be ruined everyday and no THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN!! Shall not even entertain it and move it to the trash!!! 

So losers out there, if you still want to live in the past in idolize _____ and think that i too, idolize her...YOU SHOULD GROW UP SERIOUSLY. To those who want to think that i'm some copy cat with no sense of originality just because i visit lookbook...GO & DIE (ok i so wanted to say something way mean but noooooo must control myself). 

Oh btw, if you think YOU are original, then i am truly amazed because i can say, no one can be...everyone's inspired by everyone/everything...And clothes (make that affordable clothes) bought off the racks are mostly mass produced so you just cannot be "original" unless you have the ability to design and make clothes on your own (with NO inspiration at all....a top cant look like a top in this case...but it's still a top!).

Come on kiddos...

What do you get by flaming me and leaving insults at the comment box? 

Ok i know your ultimate goal is to annoy me to a point i delete my whole blog but darling, that will never happen!! 

So please, can you just leave me alone and let me do my thing!! If you're sooo unhappy with me, i really don't know what i can do man...

Maybe you can send me an email/facebook msg/friendster msg...revealing your true identity and i will definitely entertain you that way! Cannot stand losers who only dare hurl insults at people behind the comp screen...seriously...if you dislike someone so much, why would you be scared to let the person know who you are? 

Whoa....ok that's pretty long...i wanted to just put a short message across but whoa...yes...

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