Sunday, September 7, 2008



That's. It.

I cannot take it anymore.

It's really bothering me every single day.

I know i've gained weight. It's about time i do something about it and stop complaining!

It will start tomorrow. Shall last for a whole month. I will blog about what i'm doing about it everyday. That means for one month, you will see my journey to being...thin. Ok maybe i can't be thin in just 1 month so more like losing weight. Healthily. It's impossible for me to go on a crash diet anyway!

And for the minority of people reading this, who're already thin and want to GAIN weight, don't worry, i'll still have my non-weight loss related posts.

Now hopefully the whole plan will work out. It's all about self-control.

I will take before and after pictures!

Since i'm gonna blog about my diet everyday, i hope you won't get bored but instead, be motivated to do the same !

And what motivates me?

The face shape

The Arms

The waist

The legs

Such thinspiration these picture are.

If you want to achieve something, you gotta put in effort and i will because i really really want to get a "Hey! You lost weight!!". Ok obviously if you're gonna say it to me now, it'll not work because the ratio of people saying i gained weight and lost weight would be like... 100:1.

I'll also let real life stories motivate me! Like how Carina dropped from 80kg to 50kg in a year. That's truly amazing.

Oh and how Michelle (ex-NAFA sch mate) can choose a Veggie Delite Sub over...Chicken Teriyaki, Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, Meatball Marinara Sub. Oh btw do you know they do delivery? Super cool! :)

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