Wednesday, September 24, 2008



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Today, i received my 2nd "you lost weight!"!!

And can i say it felt damn good?! Felt proud of myself! I WANT MORE.

I guess exercising made me build muscles and thus the weight gain? I'm hoping it's that way!

So anyway, my first compliment (yes to me it is!) was on Fri...but then Friend 2 was like "Nah...she looks the same!".

Then today, i saw Friend 2 and she was like "Omg i really think you lost weight! What did you do? Stress ah?".

I am not close to those 2 friends and hardly see them (maybe once in a week or 2)..and when you hardly see someone, they can tell the changes better?

Kinda motivated to continue with my diet plan so i will resume tomorrow! Till results get more obvious (but i am aiming to be more toned instead of stick thin now!). :)

Woohoo go me!!!!

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