Saturday, October 25, 2008

Annoy Me

Credits: Marisse (or was it her friend who took it? HMMMMM.....

XX's in the lead now and i'm pretty sure she will be from now till the voting ends! Her post (and her photoshop skills) definitely win me HANDS DOWN. I guess the reason i was leading by so much's probably because her post was up hours later. can still VOTE for me if you want! I don't wanna be last :X! Plus it's very rare i put in SOOOOO much effort for a post. Hope it's worth it so i'll believe in the saying "You reap what you sow". Hahaha. Thanks again to all those who voted!!

*To Twistandkiss customers:

I've just received the package and i will try to update ASAP! Latest by Tue. I PINK PROMISE YOU GIRLS.

I read a comment going like this:

"please lah. you don't deserve to win. i don't even know who you are in the blog-o-sphere. and please. don't think you can win xiaxue! :D "

& i seriously LOL.

I mean like...i don't deserve to win just because he/she doesn't know who i am? Makes absolutely no sense at all to me.

If everyone has the same mentality as that ****** person (voting by the person's POPULARITY)...there is no need for a contest because XX has like what, 20,000++ readers daily and i've only about 1/5 (or lesser) of that figure!

We should be looking at the quality of the advertorial and vote for the one whom we think did best!

Though i'm still in the lead now as i'm typing this...i'm still not confident at all because voting ends on the 31st Oct!

Keep those votes coming in!

Thank you all those who've voted! You don't know how happy i am to be "leading"!!! I wasn't expecting it at all because all the other scrapbooks are pretty awesome (guess whose i like most besides XX's?)!


Wish i had an advert running man...Imagine all the *kaching* *kaching* i'll be getting!

However...sadly...i can only DREAM because there is no advert. :(

By the way, do drop by 34 Haji Lane, SUP later(25th Oct, Sat) to see the new collection of tees! I'll be sooo busy at work later because i bet there'll be a huge turn up! WHICH IS GOOD...CUS I NEED TO STOP THINKING OF FOOD. Need to start exercising. BAD. Am getting lazier by the day...

It's 6.20AM now and i cannot believe i just ate a HUGE to sleeeeeeep in peace without having nightmares of me turning into a big fat elephant!!!

Needa force myself to get up by 10AM...URGH.

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