Thursday, October 23, 2008

Canon Powershot E1


The day i cannot stop mentioning in my previous posts is finally here! In case you haven't been following my blog, let me tell you more about it!

I'm one of the 6 female bloggers chosen to do an advertorial for Canon. This is not only an advertorial but also a CONTEST!

There would be 2 winners. One chosen by Canon and the other by blog readers! So vote for me if you like my scrapbook! I spent quite a while on it and i hope it's worth it! :)

I couldn't stop smiling the moment i got hold of the camera...IT WAS SO CUTE!

I really wanted the Cotton Pink one though! Guess i was a lil too late because by the time i reached the Nuffnang office, i was only left with 2 choices, Vanilla White and Aqua Blue. Both colours are nice! I chose the white one in the end because WHITE GOES WITH EVERY OF MY OUTFIT!

(impersonation of the infamous dy video: x)

Am i annoying or what?! HAHAHA.

Do vote for me!! Don't let my journey with this wonderful camera end just like that!

Click (here) to learn more about this cutie pie!

My posts will definitely be much more entertaining with pictures right? We all want that don't we?

Please pretty pretty please with a cherry on top...VOTE (click the link!!!)!

Well we all know Xiaxue's definitely gonna win...BUT I CAN WIN TOO IF YOU VOTE FOR ME (You stand to win awesome Canon products too!) CUS THERE'S 2 PRIZES SO VOTE OK?

Thank you all i will love you for a life time. :)

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