Saturday, October 11, 2008


Here i am sitting at my work place feeling extremely regretful because i've been eating a lot lately and haven't exercised this whole week. Will gain the weight i lost back in no time. I'm sure. So i better stop...and discipline myself...make sure i force myself to exercise tomorrow!!!

In order to stop eating i've to occupy myself with something. Now that i'll not be updating my online store till next week when i come back from my trip, i've nothing to do at work!!!

And when i'm bored the only thing which crosses my mind is FOOD.

Hate myself so much sometimes. Hate myself for loving food!!!!

I mean it's perfectly fine to eat but not eat like a freaking cow?!?!


Heading to Zouk later and i hope to drink and puke all that i've eaten for dinner man. I know i sound like some bulimic freak but seriously am very very guilty!!

Aye but dont worry...i won't puke (& don't want to!!)...cus it'll just make me look and smell horrible ewwwwwwwwww no way!!

On a side note, everything's fine between D and I after talking things out calmly (ok i lied, was actually screaming and crying like an annoying biatch)!!!

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