Thursday, October 9, 2008


Wtf is wrong with!!! I needa sign in damn urgently to check an email but i tried since morning but this damn shitty thing keeps appearing...

"Windows Live Hotmail wasn't able to complete this request because your account is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

Why is so problematic now....URGHFGNASDKLANSD.

Anyway, yesterday i was frowning the WHOLE day till night time at Phuture i was still frowning until i got a lil high...

Many were like "cheer up", "smile...", "come club is to enjoy not be sad.." yeah i guess i just had to smile and be happy!!

So the night ended off pretty well!!

Can't wait for Sat...ROUND #2 THIS WEEK HEHE!


I've no idea what i should do. I've to work on that day till 8pm so my birthday this year is quite a sad one...unless people decide to visit me in the afternoon (hint hint)!!! Haha really what...damn sad y'know i'd be stuck at Haji Lane for almost the entire day of course i hope to be accompanied till night time (Phuture,again!!)...don't want my birthday to be soooo boring!

Oh ya and yesterday, i was looking out and saw Shihui with her friends so i walked over to say hi and 1 of her friend's a photographer for streetsnaps! What luck to be spotted on a day i decided to dress down...but anyway here's the link: x.

Okeh i'm off to clean the shop now! I'm not sure when i can upload pictures. :( Posts are so boring without pictures!

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