Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday Blues...Not.

(Hey van! The rest of the pictures are here.)

And of all places this kitty decided to sleep on the little green couch outside the shop...

My first birthday card from a reader!!!! Am very very very happy and touched!! Thank you S! :)

Is it me or is haji lane getting super duper quiet lately?

If it wasn't for Donna (+friends), yesterday would've been soooooo boring!!

It's quite scary because the sale's pretty bad and i'm very scared that it's because of me. :(

Anyway!! I was up since 6AM! Can't get back to sleep since then. Sigh.

Just did my highlights at Rave Salon and i love my hair so much now! Darren did such a great job and he was soooo nice! Watched some Thai horror movie while getting my hair done. They'll screen movies as you do your hair now so time passed very fast! I wish i could stay for another 3 hours to complete my highlights but i had to rush to work. :(

The boss of Rave told me quite a number of my blog readers visited the shop! Thank you all of you! Because of you guys i can get to colour/highlight my hair to look pretty on my birthday!!! :):)

I'm not posting pictures of my hair, yet!

My readers still get to enjoy 5% off! Call them to book an appointment now! Also, you can call to ask for the estimated pricing (number at the side)!

I cannot believe it(bday lahhhh)'s like tomorrow?!?! And i cannot believe i'll be at work and have no plans at all!! The best gift would be a visit so i wouldn't be bored/sad! :p Totally looking forward to tomorrow night though! & of course my belated birthday trip with Daryl to _______!!! I know i cannot stop repeating it over and over again in my posts but that just shows how excited i am!

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