Sunday, October 5, 2008

Random Fact #2

My 2 closest girlfriends and i share a lot in common.

But one of it's that uncommon in most friendships is that...

We enjoy going shopping ALONE.

I know many people give weird looks when we say that but...what's wrong?
(Ok, i admit sometimes i don't wish to be seen alone in crowded places...especially with a lot of teens.)

Today i was bored...and so i decided to go look for shoes and guess what i came home with?

Awesome much!!!!

One good thing about shopping alone is that when you spot something nice, it'll be yours! Whereas when you're with your friends, you both have to give in...y'know that kinda thing?

But of course, i do love going shopping with my friends! Just sometimes, i like being a "loner".


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