Sunday, October 12, 2008


I look drunk but am not...just that i turn red damnnnn fast! Ugly!!! Red like lobster!!!! :(

The party yesterday night was ok but towards the end it wasn't because Donna and Christelle ended up crying...GUYS CAN REALLY BE SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS!

I pray hard Wednesday night (my birthday night!!), there'll be no sad faces!

I'm not posting too many pictures here. Wait for my scrapbook to be out on the 24th October for the Canon Contest! I want to make the post as interesting as possible so i'll save the pictures till then (well actually if you're my friend in Facebook you can view the album!!)!

I hope you guys are looking forward to that day!! I assure you the post is gonna be one of the bestest posts i've ever done (cus Xiaxue is in the contest and her posts on her normal days are x1457623 much more interesting than any of my posts...imagine the scrapbook post!?!). I'm glad during this week i'm packed with activities! RSG, my birthday, trip to _____ with Daryl...:)

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