Tuesday, October 28, 2008



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Ever since the Canon contest thingy i've been getting hate tags every single day?! It's been almost 4 days and those people cannot seem to stop!!

Well...i'm gonna say this again...
I will not accept your downright stupid & senseless comments!

Call me a loser but...look who's the BIGGER loser? SOULJA BOY SAYS "YOU!!!!!!!"

I think i'm slowly getting immune to hate tags... It doesn't really make me angry or sad anymore! :)

Maybe...a lil irritated (if not then why do i even bother blogging about it) because i have feelings...

But that feeling lasts no more than 5 mins!!

It was easy to make me angry in the past when i didn't know how to handle things well and would get all depressed and moody the whole day over (-) comments but NOT NOW, NOT ANYMORE. :)

Oh and don't bother asking me to stop blogging because FOR YOU I MOST DEFINITELY WON'T!!!

So anyhowz, i think...


I cannot find anything to blog about because i hardly go out (other than clubbing after work). All i do is work, work & work!!! And i'll have to do this until Jan...

In Jan, something exciting is going to happen and i am not going to tell anyone (k, besides my close friends & mother) YET!

For now, my aim is to SAVE A LOT A LOT OF MONEY!

Ever since i came back from my trip, I DID NOT SHOP! Ok maybe i did...BUT I SPENT NO MORE THAN $100 ON IT THIS WEEK. I THINK I'M DOING GREAT RESISTING SHOPPING AND WORKING TOWARDS MY GOAL! I feel like aiming to get a car with my own hard earned $$ by the end of next year.

Ok maybe i'm aiming a lil to high but...i still don't think it's something impossible! :)

'nuff of my crap, i should stop.

I am such a bore sometimes.

I hope something interesting happens in my life soon.

Like me striking lottery or something. Whoa i can go on & on about all the things i'd do with that money...

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