Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My eyes were totally glued to the computer screen for about 1 hour straight until i heard the word "Tamiflu (Tammy Flu)" on the news then my mum and i looked at each other and burst out laughing. Haha like funny only.

Freda & I are totally hype up for tomorrow night!! We kept repeating how excited we are over and over again from about 2pm till she walked me to my door step at around 9ish....THAT'S HOW EXCITED WE ARE AND WE DON'T KNOW WHY!!

We are weird like that.

I'm gonna go get some good rest now!

Will have to pop sleeping pills cus i don't wanna toss and turn till like 2am or something.


But i know it's bad and i shouldnt rely on it.... :(

Oh btw, i lost 1.5 kilos hehe so happy!

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