Thursday, October 30, 2008

What The...?

Someone left this link at my comment box and this is funny...

Why do i see my face everywhere on that page together with people i don't even know?!
Who look like they're prolly 3 years younger than me?

I wasn't intending to blog..not until Sat when i come back with pictures from tomorrow night (Halloween!!).

But i just cannot help it!!

Anyway...i spent my day at work doing an exposed zipper bandage skirt as seen in Topshop. Which is something almost everyone can do (if you know how to sew).

And of course i managed to do it.

It looked so good.

BUT...I'm always ruining things.

I decided to shorten it. So i cut it shorter without measuring or drawing a line to make sure i cut in a straight line.

If you know me...I CAN NEVER CUT IN A STRAIGHT LINE. Or even draw a straight line free handedly.

Smart Alec me decided to cut it thinking i'll succeed this time (when never once in my 17 years of living have i succeed in cutting in a straight line)...

Short was way too short. Skirt couldn't be saved!!

All my hardwork gone to waste just like that.


Thank goodness i've like extra cloth to do another.Please, let it be a success!

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