Sunday, October 5, 2008



Finally...a day off!!!

Worked the whole week ok!

Yesterday Daryl and Freda kept me company the whole day but time passed very very slowly because i just couldn't stop looking at the clock...was very excited to go out with Freda after work!

Freda and I headed to Zouk cus she wanted to go enjoy herself before her school reopens on Mon.

So i, or should i say we, cannot hold our alcohol & ended up getting piss drunk. Luckily some guy friends took care of us or else i'd have no idea what would happen man. However it was damn fun!!! Cannot believe what happened on the dance floor... Haven't had this kinda crazy and wild fun since a long time. The last time i was with Donna and Jovene at Butterfact! LOL.

We ended up sleeping on the floor (later on the benches) and talking to the guys (they're seriously damn entertaining ppl) till the sky turned bright. THE WORLD IS SO SMALL!!! Cus like i thought only 1 of them know who my boyfriend is but it turns out all of them actually kinda knows him. THINK SOMEONE SAID HE "YAN DAO" SIALZ DARYL YOU HAPPY NOT!! One even turned out to be D's close friend last time! Reached home at 7ish in the morning AND I WOKE UP AT 12PM JUST NOW.

Why can't i sleep longer!?!?! :(

Oh and is it just me facing problems will or what?

I've so many unread emails but i can't open it nor can i delete it!

I decided not to post up too many pictures in a single post! All my other pictures can be found in my Facebook photo album! Add me up to view if you want. :)

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