Sunday, November 23, 2008


As you can see....Daryl is sleeping very very soundly beside me (am soooo gonna get killed once he sees this picture but it is funny! haha)....

So here i am beside him entertaining myself with Photo Booth.

If you're wondering why i look so's because i've no make up. It's been ages since i last took a picture with no make up! Oh well..i was bored. Haha. Ok it's not as ugly as i thought it'll turn out to be (not saying it's pretty either)...maybe because my complexion did improve a lil after the painful facial!

Here's me with make up...
It's a lot of difference right!

I wish i could sleep with my make up and go everywhere with make up!

But sad thing is...Daryl HATES it when i have make up on. Even if it's only foundation. I obviously look better with make up on but no... he insists i look better without and not put make up when i'm with him.


So anyway, 

I'll share with you what's embarassing...

Notice my FBT is not a mirror reflection? 

Yeah because i wore it inside out!!

I did not realise it until i met Daryl at his place. So that means i wore it out for about 1 hour?With an inverted FBT logo and the size tag sticking out behind?! People must be laughing...SIGH. I know. HOW STUPID CAN I GET.

I did not bother taking a second look at myself in the mirror before i went out because how good can i look in FBTs and no make up right? I'd rather not look...cus if i look...i'll be like "eww....why do i look like this? should i put make up when i'm only going to be going a few bus stops away? but i'll have to wash it away when i reach cus daryl hates make up. uh oh!!" and be all depressed and stressed up. Wish i was rich so i can go do ____!! Not everyone's born naturally pretty i guess.

So yeah...this is what happens when you don't take a last look at yourself in the mirror before heading out!

Lesson Learnt.

**To the person who is going around using my name to leave comments at other people's blog: What can you gain from this? You think people would be stupid enough to believe those comments are really left by me? Why would i say such mean things to people i do not know? How am i able to find so much time going to different random people's blog leaving comments boasting about how great i am and saying things to make them feel lousy? SERIOUSLY...what's with your mind?

& to those who've received such comments, you know i really am not that childish! Please do not take those comments to heart!! 

SOME PEOPLE SEEM TO HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. With such a mind, bet your life's quite sad. You should be fixing your own life instead of poking your nose into other people's life. Trying so damn hard to ruin my life in so many ways. 

But sadly, it's not going to work...Not that easy...

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