Saturday, November 29, 2008

Going to a flea!


I have a lot of people e-mailing and smsing me asking how to get to Haji Lane so HELP IS HERE!

Click (this) for more!!!

Hope that helps.

So i'll see you tomorrow right? :)


Sorry, I. Was. Bored.

Ok still am...i pray hard there'll me more people later. Maybe it's quiet because the sun is being such a bitch. I nearly died while walking from Bras Basah to Haji Lane in my jacket. STUPID WEATHER.

Come to Haji Lane this Sunday (30 Nov)!!


I am going to be selling my pre-loved apparels + old stocks from at only $10!! You heard it right! T-E-N DOLLARS.

Over 200 pieces to choose from! If you're lucky you might just find some pieces from Forever21/Topshop/Supre in the bunch.

There's gonna be another booth selling brand new items for the new Collection #59 for!

Both booths will be there from 1pm-8pm (might just close slightly earlier if all's sold out)! So many things to choose from you sure don't wanna miss out on this!

P.S Regarding where i got the shredded tee, i do not wish to place the link of the place i got it here on my blog. PLEASE stop posting the link on my comment box because i won't accept it. I don't wish to reveal where i got it from because i'm pretty certain i'll see it around on the streets more often and that annoys me. I know i'm selfish but I REALLY HATE WALKING DOWN THE STREET SEEING SOMEONE WEARING THE EXACT SAME THING AS ME. I'm sure most of you don't that's why sometimes we've to be selfish. I know a couple of you will hate me for this but please try to understand?

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