Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Got it!

I've been using a sucky phone for quite a while because i always tend to lose/spoil my phones in no more than 3 mths after i get hold of it.

But...i have learnt to be more careful (yeah only after losing/spoiling about 3 phones in half a year)! I mustn't lose this phone because i spent hours convincing her than she should get the Blackberry Bold and sell this to me.


She just went out a few minutes ago to go get it. LOL. She is fast i tell you.

So anyway...

Here's the best part...

I finally get the...

I only had to pay my mum $4xx for it! Hoho! Compared to the idk-how-much-but-it's-more-than-4xx that you've to pay! Yay!

If you're wondering why i BUY it from my mum and not the other way round...

Well...like i've said a few posts back, i've stopped depending on my mom and i want to start supporting her! I can be sucha good daughter sometimes ok! :)

I'm different from most of you lucky people. Because i have no dad. Ok i do...but my Dad is not a dad AT ALL. He is rich...BUT he refuses to support my mom...OR ME. It'd be understanding if he's poor but HE ISN'T. He even remarried. My brother's living sucha great life with the new family i doubt he remembers he has a sister...or even...who his real mother is.

I am angry thinking about it!!

However...this has taught me to be more independent! Which is not a bad thing at all!

If i'm still living with my Dad in a big house with so much money...i doubt i'll even know how to do business and i'll definitely be a complete spoilt brat who's arrogant and proud for all the wrong reasons (like being rich and getting every single thing i want). At least now if you think i'm proud...i can say that i ought to be because ive been supporting myself since the age of 16!

Yayyyy i'm glad i'm no spoilt brat!! I bet my brother's still spoilt man...He was extremely annoyingly spoilt since he was young, always getting EVERY LIL THING he wanted. My mum would control and not give him everything...if he wanted something, my mum would ask him to earn it by passing his exams but yknow what? He will hate my mum and scold me mum for it. Then he'll run to daddy he knows that dad will give him ANYTHING he demands. When dad found out he hides all his homework behind the TV cabinet and lied to him that he's been doing homework everyday, he only got scolded for a min and he'd cry and the father would apologise and buy him something. I tried telling my dad how bad my brother is but instead, MY DAD WILL SCOLD ME AND ASK ME TO STOP TRYING TO GET MY BROTHER INTO TROUBLE. Urgh. I will never forget those days!!!

Hope i'll be making enough money at the end of next year to be able to let my mum retire! I want to let her feel happy and lead a comfortable life again. Show them stupid f**kers we don't need them to be happy!

Thanks for the comments! It was really heartwarming reading all of it. :) xoxo

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