Monday, November 24, 2008

Hair Horror!

Today i re-did my extensions! It was long and pretty!

However, a few minutes ago, i ruined it!

Felt that the length was way too long (longest strand at my waist!!) and i just had to do something about it so i took a paper scissors, tied my hair in a pony tail and snipped off about 2 inches.

Which i realize is A LOT only after snipping it.

Let down my hair and i got a shock of my life. The length seems to be even shorter than my actual length. That means i actually cut my real hair! It's so uneven now i think i've to go get it cut by a PROFESSIONAL tomorrow. My length will definitely be shorter so i am contemplating because AHHHH!!! I swore never to cut my hair till it reaches my ideal because of this one stupid mistake...

Feeling extremely regretful...

Cannot possibly go re-do my extensions again right? Will have to bear with it for 2 months. Which will be quite torturous because i've to look at my reflection everyday and be unhappy with my hair.


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