Friday, November 14, 2008

How could I?

For the past few days...or weeks to be exact, i've not exercised nor have i watched what i was eating. I ate whatever i pleased and even if that means having 3 full meals and Mcdonalds for supper 3 days in a row.

My shows it all. So much for putting in so much effort last month to lose the chubby cheeks. Kinda managed to lose quite a bit on my face. I think? But now...i have to start all over again.

It is important to watch your diet AND AVOID FAST FOOD BY ALL MEANS if you do not wish to gain weight.

I thought exercising so much last month would've increased my metabolism and i could just let myself go eat whatever i wanted.

HOWEVER, I WAS WRONG!!! UH LIKE DUHHHHH?! Just what was i thinking huh?

I know i always ramble about how unhappy i am with my body but I REALLY AM because i don't want to go near...FAT. Not one bit!! I just dislike it when people say something like "you gained weight"...I HATE IT SO MUCH IT IS DEPRESSING.

Good Morning Bedok Stadium 3 times a week!! HERE I COME!!

I sooo wanna go jog now but i'm at work and today i end at 9pm so...:(.