Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am a Winner!


ALL MINE!!! (together with a photo printer!)


I won the best “online scrapbook” post chosen by Canon!

I am so overjoyed because this is the FIRST competition i ever won in my entire life!! Seriously!

A big Thank You to everyone who voted and supported me till the very last day! Most importantly, thank you Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity and of course, Canon, for this fantastic camera! :)

Say "hello" to more pictures in future posts! 

I'm so tired and my throat is hurting sooooo badly now. :(:(

However, yesterday night was pretty good. Though there were only 5 of us! Well maybe because i was high. Very High.

Fri will be round #2 with many more people! Must have a blast before this break from work ends. Weeeeee! :)

Yesterday I caught High School Musical 3 with Daryl and IT WAS DAMN GOOD. I give it 4/5 popcorns! I still like the 1st one best though! However, the dancing in number 3 definitely win the rest hands down. Oh and i love Sharpay (sorry i spelt it as a dog's breed previously...didn't bother googling it lah! haha)'s Yorkshire Terrier!!! I couldn't stop hitting Daryl when there were scenes with the dog in it. Also, couldn't stop wishing there would be more appearances of the dog. 



Oh and i got a little gift for myself! The necklace! It's not worth it at all but it's pretty! Need to pamper myself once in awhile! (ok but it's not like i don't pamper myself ALL the time ps. i just bought US$250 worth of stuff from & AA... UH OH...HEHEEEE)

**P.S Received comments saying that i am showing off and you know what? YES I AM. I AM PROUD OF MYSELF. Everyone has to be proud of something and I am proud that i WORK my ass off to get that money instead of depending on my mother. Every single cent that i spend is earned by me, myself & I! I have not taken a single cent from my mom since i quitted school. Sometimes i even give my mom a small percentage of my earnings. Working hard and earning enough to let myself lead such a comfortable life. I ought to be proud of that, no? :)

But all this shopping has to stop!


Till i really have A LOT of $$. I know i can do it!

I am also in need of a new laptop and i'm eyeing on the new macbook!!!

Shall do the uploading of pictures another day.

Gotta run!! Meeting the girls for dinner!! Can't. Wait.

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