Monday, November 24, 2008



Ok so that smart alec is going around leaving mean comments at more tagboards!

I will make him/her stop....

Ive done some research and i found some information from the person's ip add. Not very sure about the accuracy though...

However the person is using Starhub Max Online! Hehe scared not you imposter?

I see a name too but shall not reveal that first...maybe it's inaccurate? If this imposter is going too far, i will put the name of the owner of the broadband here.

Some people are asking me to go to the police but nope, it's too quick, quite stupid and unnecessary. For now.

So please imposter STOP BEING CHILDISH. You do not want to get into deep shit don't you?

P.S Realize that impersonator leaves comments on those readers who leave their blog links at my Haloscan. Try to refrain yourself from leaving your URL for now alright? Or else you know you'll get attacked (if that impersonator still dares).

So many thoughts running through my head now. Sometimes i wish i can just go a day without working (replying e-mails, mailing out stuff, job @ SUP...etc...), just take a break from all of it. If possible head to some resort to just relax...FREE MY MIND!

However that'll be too irresponsible and i'm sure i wouldn't be able to play in peace cause it'd be filled with guilt.

But i am feeling so tired now...and not forgetting lonely.

I need a break but i've got so little time and so much to do.

Feel so disconnected from my favourite girls. Not exactly lonely because i am surrounded with people almost everyday but sometimes when you don't have those who mean the world to you with just feel like everyone seems non-existent? I just hope after these few months of non-stop work, i can meet them like how i used to. I can't wait. I really miss them to bits. We just met 2 weeks ago and it feels like 2 months ago.... Also, I really want to meet all my friends whom i've not met since i can't remember when...It's sad that because of my packed schedule, i've to drift away from so many people.

I hate that.

I hate how one moment you both were so closed and the next, complete strangers. Maybe not strangers but you'll no longer feel as comfortable with each other as you used to.

Sigh. Sorry for this post. Got up on the wrong side of bed i guess.

Anyway you know what they say, suffer now and enjoy later.

Everything i'm doing now...all the sacrificing of friendship and'll pay off in time to come. Hopefully?

Must. Cheer. Up.

But it's hard when i look at my schedule and realize from Today to Sunday........


Should i go jogging now? Hmmmmmm.

** P.S
I just had $4 mee pok with loads of chilli and a big cup of guava juice. Am bloated but feeling much much better! Eating cheers me up. A lot. Maybe i was all "emo" because I woke up hungry. You know what they say...a hungry man is an angry man. But in this case, sad man.

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