Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Mega Party "XOXO"

Ok this is extremely annoying!!! I got flamed...AGAIN. Time to clarify some stuff!!

This time people commenting about me being a hypocrite (cus i still helped "endorse" kpg when she blogged about so many of my friends). FIRSTLY, don't you know kpg also blogged about me?

Secondly, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BECAUSE I AM NOT HELPING KPG but instead helping my friends and the producers from Etitude! The whole event is NOT all about KPG herself but instead, it's about TEENS. All kinds of teens. Teens whom lives are different from majority of the teens these days. PLUS, Donna's supposed to be part of the video but she went overseas so if you guys think i'm not being a true friend to Donna cus i helped KPG despite the fact Donna got blogged about, seriously...i know what i'm doing yeah? PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME YOU ARE MAKING YOURSELF LOOK STUPID, THANKS

Oh yeah...and i know like a lot of other people who're in the video as well whom KPG blogged realised? We all agreed to do this because we know the existence of KPG and we got blogged about for a reason (be it relationship, life, friendship...etc). So the producers think we are different and got us to get together to do this video.

AND SERIOUSLY, I AM NOT DYING TO BE IN THE LIME LIGHT ( i even in the lim light to start with?). I do not take EVERY opportunity given to be famous cus If i want, there's just SO many ways i can do it.

1) I can be a racist blogger and be on The Straits Times front page.
2) I can shoot naked pictures of myself and let it circulate around the internet.
3) I can make a Tammy Sex Video Version 2!! I bet i'll be SO famous huh?
4) I can join Singapore Idol/Don't Forget The Lyrics/Some cheena talent search thingy whatsoever...act stupid in underwear. Surely, there'll be trailers of me doing that and you can see me on TV even on the bus(on TVMobile)!


So really...that is if i'm dying to be famous yeah?

I think i've said enough to clear the air here.

Shoo fly don't bother me!

I think this video's DAMN awesome you so have to watch it. The narrator is SO good you'll actually think they took that sound clip off GG or something! I sound bad though but THAT'S NOT THE POINT OK SO NYWAY WATCH! :)

Does it sound interesting?!

Bet it does!!

We cordially invite you to THE EVENT OF THE YEAR
25th November 2008
St James Powerhouse

We present the launch of an online TV series hosted by Editude Productions, in collaboration with

For one night only, 4 chosen mega “alpha youths” (think dramatic Paris Hilton, scandalous Brangelina and even psychotic BritneySpears) will take CENTRESTAGE with the straight- talking, brilliantly witty MEGA big badboy rapper, SheikhHaikel. Come join us as Mister Sheikh Haikel grills them on love, life, destiny,betrayals, scandals and of course GOSSIP that you are DYING to hear.

Featuring special guest appearances from our Local Artiste Scene (come listen totheir stories), an exclusive opening video coming your way, and of course theunveiling of the MEGA GOSSIP STORY,, There’s something for everyone at THE MEGA PARTY 2008!

So put on those glitterati of yours to impress, and join us for THE MEGA PARTY for the year!

THE MEGA PARTY “XOXO” 25th November 2008 St James Powerhouse Doors open at 9pm

*for more updates, please log on to daily**

Presale Tickets are at SGD20.00/- **(contact me and we can nego!!)
Door Tickets are at SGD30.00/-

More details on the event coming your way!!!

Please contact Tammy (ME!) at more details!

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