Sunday, November 16, 2008


Sometimes i wish i didn't have to do certain things...but because they're my friends,i don't mind sacrificing.

& at least i get a lil something back.

However...there's a lot of things i have to face.

Like other people's impression of me...causing me to feel like i'm losing instead of gaining. I try to avoid doing things which i know i'll get flamed for but it's quite hard sometimes and i guess that's what's life's all about. Life is easy..but we complicate it.

I managed to get rid of spammers for a period of time because they didn't have anything to say about me (other than my appearance...too fat, too ugly...but too bad i cant do anything about it YET - not till i earn enough of surgery). It felt good. I like peace. I look forward to coming home to read my comment box cause it makes me feel good about myself and it makes my day. Now...they're back...those evil and mean comments are back. Though i've said i'll ignore them (which i will), i'd still rather not have to read those at all. I kinda dread going home to read the pending comments.

But...I do know i'm not perfect. Will never be. Bad comments are inevitable when you have xxxx people visiting your blog daily. Not everyone shares the same view as you.

I picked a tip from underage-girl. She edits the bad ones and turn it to good ones! Which i think is a damn good idea and i should try! This will piss them off...which will make me happy! Cus their objective is to piss you off but if you turn everything around by doing this...HO HO HO! :) She's amazing to come up with such a thing! Haha.

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