Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Brought Cammy the DSLR out to play (ok more like WORK to be exact)! Pictures weren't a disappointment. :) Thank goodness!

Here's a couple of pictures i feel that's not bad (for a noob photographer like me).

As you can see, the place was PACKED. I hate it i hate it but oh well there's nothing i can do about it. This shows that the party's a success? Though the program was cancelled. Was a disappointment. Yeah i know!!!

Am very tired.

Not to mention, STRESSED UP.

Got Daryl to help me with the Twistandkiss e-mails but instead of easing my burden it kinda made me more busy trying to figure out how to solve it. However, i think things are better now. Just 1 or 2 more to resolve and i can call it a day.

Didn't get much sleep yesterday. I think i'm going to become over weight soon. Yeah if you don't already know, lack of sleep = weight gain!! I read about it somewhere. It is sad. :(

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