Saturday, December 20, 2008

BKK Trip 2

I am back from Bangkok and SOOO NOT GLAD TO BE BACK.

I do miss my dog a lot though!!! Figo's under the loving hands of Freda (& family) and i am glad they enjoyed looking after that bundle of joy! Think their family would miss Figo after hearing of how much fun they had looking after him!! I've a strong feeling they might consider getting a pooch soon. Hahaha right babe? Cannot wait to see Figo tomorrow! Heard they brought him for grooming...must be looking handsome!!

The 3 days in Bangkok was nothing but RELAXING. It was great to be away from the computer. I had sooo much fun shopping alone on the first day! Yeah as mentioned before, I LOVE SHOPPING ALONE.

The 2nd and 3rd day was spent with my mother and we walked a lot. WHOOOHOO BURN THOSE CALORIES. However, we also ate A LOT. So i guess it's even. I don't think i gained weight? HOPEFULLY NOT.

3 bad experiences though...

1) I lost my big luggage i bought!! :( Thankfully it was empty!! Luckily, i shipped my items out just before losing it. I bought nearly $1k worth of clothes and shoes man! Imagine losing all of that...THANK GOD!! I left it behind the taxi boot...sigh it was big and pink with minnie mouse ok... :(

2) I watched the "tiger" show with my mother LOL like WTF right. Ok shall not go into details about that but THE FRIGGING MANAGER WANTED TO CHEAT US.

The manager wanted us to pay 2600 freaking baht for drinking 2 glasses of sprite and watching some ugly naked girls.

At first, we were walking at Phat Phong Market and some man kept asking us to go watch and said drinks were for only 100baht and there was no cover charge yada yada so since there was "no cover charge" we thought there was no harm so we went to watch it for like 10 minutes then came the stupid woman who started behaving like a hooligan and demanding for 2600 baht. Moreover, of all the place, we had to go into the one with so many fat and old woman doing the pussy tricks. Mother and i had to scream at them and threaten to call the police. Stupid woman got scared and asked us to pay 400baht for the drinks and so we did and walked out of the stupid place. Luckily my mum and i are quite fierce ah...imagine we really paid the woman 2600 baht...gawwwwwd. I know the girls are really damn poor that they have to do such things but still, IT'S NOT RIGHT TO CHEAT?

3) After the horrible show we were sooo hungry and our mood got worst after having dinner because IT WAS HORRIBLE. The first time i ate such a horrible meal in Bangkok! Everything was so unfresh!

Luckily i found a yogurt place nearby! The yogurt was soooo good and the concept was so interesting. Like you get to make the yogurt yourself! The place was very pretty! I've pictures taken there. You'll see tomorrow!

Despite all that happened, the trip was still great though!

Now 'm back in Singapore...

1) So many problems to resolve and packages to mail out.

2) Need to start taking the bus...Cab fare is SGP killz. It's been long since i took the bus but I CANNOT WASTE MONEY ANYMORE. Am so broke after the trip...

3) Fix the screwed up layout for the store. I know it looks HORRIBLE but it looks perfectly fine on a mac...Well only on a mac because it looks horrible on the other seriously HORRIBLE. :( I've yet to find someone who can help me do up the site!!

4) Go to work!! Ok i miss this part! Kinda? It's been long since i last stepped into Haji Lane...

If only i can escape from it a lil longer....

I wanna go overseas again during the CNY period!! So for now..i'll just work hard. Maybe save up to go somewhere nice like the states or something. Have to save up for my mom and boyfriend so we can all go together! YAY THAT SOUNDS SO GOOD! :)

I have pictures but it's all me,myself & i because my mum cannot take good pictures anymore. She thinks she looks very old now.

Will complete this post tomorrow with some pictures!

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