Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cough cough

It's a pity i couldn't meet the girls to go for Zoukout that day. Had to say goodbye to the $50 i paid for the ticket and also a whole lot of fun.

Because i wasn't feeling very well.


I'm not even well yet.

How can i ever be if i refuse to eat healthy food...


Oh i forgot to mention, the past few days has been nothing but EATING. Ok and a lot of packing and mailing but I HAD TO EAT 4 MEALS A DAY to stay happy.

Have been eating supper for a week, every single day. It's about time i started exercising and reducing my calorie intake.

But when i'm busy i just don't bother about my diet cus eating is a good way to relief stress. Well, for me!


It just revolves around my boyfriend because who else would be able to sacrifice so much time for me!! :( All we do is sleep, wake up and sit down to pack about 100 packages. Eat lunch. Once we're done, we've to head to the post office and spend 1 hour there packing more stuff and waiting in the queue then we'll go find somewhere to eat,eat GOOD food (and good food usually bad food) (ook not in order but who cares whether it's in order it's the sameeee). After all the work we'll have a hard time finding a place to chill where we always end up at our usual parkway and i'd sit there to stone for a couple of hours because i'll be sooo tired by then while he talks to his friends....AND THE CYCLE GOES ON THE NEXT DAY. Of course, we're not THAT boring people...we have fun here and there like playing wrestling but IT IS STILL BORING HALF THE TIME WHEN YOU'RE WORKING. I mean we've been doing this for almost 4 days?! How much fun can it be...

Can't wait for it to change....

I miss Ly & Freda A LOT. I dont know when was the last time i met up with both of them but it was long! It's quite sad because...ok nvm i do not want to start an emo post.

Also missing a lot of other girls!!! Sigh....

Anyway, i am totally excited because tomorrow i am flying off to Bangkok!!!


Ok but i'll be alone from morning-evening and my mum would arrive so good thing i do not have to sleep alone. Sleeping alone in Bangkok would be too scary.

Today i get to sleep the whole day! Woohoo finally!

******Sorry for the wordy post!!!

****Another sorry for the lack of pictures...will TRY to post some when i get back from my short trip!!

**The ohsofickle.com.sg store will still be alive!! My boyfriend will take over the replying of mails and he will help me do some mailing (if he can find the item in my mountain of goods). Be patient! Oh btw, to those who've paid before 15 dec, your item has been mailed out on 15 dec already! :)


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