Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eyelash Extension


I cannot sleep!! I need to rub my eyes like crazy every night before i sleep and since i couldn't do that because of the lash extensions, I CAN'T SEEM TO SLEEP! Have been tossing and turning in bed since 10pm because i was SOOO tired but till now, 1am, i am still not asleep! I wenta rub my eye a while ago and guess what? I TOTALLY SCREWED THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY LASHES. It's only the 1st day!! It's not even 24 hours and i ruined it...GREAT. How am i suppose to live with this for...2 months!! I'll go back tomorrow and hopefully it can be saved without me re-doing the whole thing. Have a bad feeling though, i don't even think they can redo it cus i kinda plucked some of my real lashes out. WAH SOMEBODY KILL ME!!



I had 8 of it this morning...IT'S SERIOUSLY ADDICTIVE.

I dont know where else can u get it besides the snack store at Parkway (near the bus stop, beside the fruit shop).

You must try it. (haha just want everyone to become gain weight like me la :X)

Ok no, kidding! But it really is DAMN NICE!!

Anyway, today...i did eyelash extension! I never did anything to my perming/putting mascara/putting falsies...until recently. I always wondered why people did all this...Felt that it won't make much diff.

I was wrong. Well...obviously!

Having nice thick and long lashes does make u look better!

So after trying out falsies a few days back, i decided to go do lash extension!


I can go everyday without any make up!

(I was really on the phone ok!!)


I did mine at Vain Beauty. City Plaza #01-31. They've another branch at Far East Plaza #03-113.

There are like 3 prices to choose from, $28 (not so thick), $50 (thicker), $60 (thickest). Mine's the $50 one! Asked her to make it more black for me so she did "2 layer" or something like that. Couldn't really understand what she was saying cus she spoke to me in Chinese and chinese is horrible. :(

However, there are pros and cons when u have eyelash extension!! can't rub your eyes (I DONT KNW HOW IM GOING TO NOT RUB MY EYES...I RUB MY EYES LIKE...CRAZY) and wash your eyes. :( Urghhh...don't know how i'm going to survive not doing that later!

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