Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh So High Street

Hahaha @ the title Marisse came up with.

Top 5 picks from the lot... (you can ogle at pretty don hahaha)

See how deprived of sleep i eyebags are soo hideous.

Credits: Marisse (amazing photos huh?)

P.S I've been going a couple of days without the eye liner and slowly getting used to the "fresh" look! Lol. Thanks to those who said i look weird with eye liner!!

Anywayzzzz, thank you everyone for making Collection #61 a success!! I got 1xx orders within 15 min? That's fast and amazing! Though i had an extremely hard time replying all of it but I AM DAMN HAPPY! I was not confident of clearing the stocks because i brought in way more than 8 pieces for every design but i was wrong! :) Thank you soooo much girls. :)

I'm very excited for my boutique! Time is passing at an extremely fast speed now! I've revealed the location to quite a lot of people alr :X but if you still haven't heard about it yet... i still want to keep you in suspense! Hehe!

Alright...i hope i'll recover from the flu and my throat will be better tomorrow. I do not want to fall sick! Noooo...not now!! Have a lot to do tomorrow like mail 100 packages out......Goodness, I can already picture myself at the end of the day tomorrow.

That's Sad.

But i believe all the hard work will pay off eventually!

Afterall, i chose to take this route instead of studying.

**Reply to some comments:
-Polaroid came is Don's...from Yahoo Auctions (which's closed down alr btw!).
-No we're not sisters,hahahaha!

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