Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Picture Post

***To those who faced difficulties submitting an order at the store from 12MN-2AM, I'M REALLY EXTREMELY SORRY!

There was wayyy too many people submitting at the same time therefore, most of your orders couldn't go through.

The next time a problem like this arises, do feel free to send in your order via email to ohsofickle@gmail.com!

So sorry girls! I didn't expect this to happen! :(

Man, i'm soooooooo tired now. It's close to 3am and i've been on the computer since 7pm?!?! No rest!! 

However, i am not complaining cus if i manage to clear 3/4 of this collection, i can fly off to BKK next week! :) Will bring more goodies back if i do!


(Click image above to enter Collection #62)

Launched on Tue 23 Dec at 12MN!

At the airport!

The Monster Mother

Nose is looking small....yay!!

I reduced the size of my nose(by photoshop) cus it looked effing huge ahaha. Not bad ah...can't really tell? I THINK? 

I really want _______!!! :( And maybe i will go for it when i make my first $10k!! Hehe.

Aggy Tee & Neon Pink Fonts Tote!! Best buys from this trip:)

Below are the pictures of the pretty pink yogurt place! (it's just outside the silom shopping centre...i think that's the name? opposite phat pong(?).)

Shake it like a polaroid picture

They took a picture of us to put up on the picture tree!!

Yes it's A LOT of pictures.

OH and let me end it off with a picture of half the shoes i bought!!

Shoe fetish hehe.

My fav studded sandals! But after wearing it for a day, one stud fell off. URGH.

Okie time to start editing the pictures for the next collection tonight!!

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