Tuesday, December 23, 2008


a wonderful collection to be released TONIGHT!


Super duper busy these days...hardly have any time to blog...& post pictures!! :( Lotsa preparation to do for the boutique!

Urgh...sometimes i really wish i'd be able to have the holidays most of you have. Just doing nothing!

Last time during my long holidays, the post O'lvls to be exact, i'd rather go to school cus it was soooo boring to do nothing! But now....oh how i really really wanna go back to those days.

Tonight i'll post the pictures of my short BKK trip. I PROMISE! However, the pictures aren't interesting at all, really. I make it sound like it's so "WOAH!" but like i said, it's all me, myself & i...just with different backgrounds.

Will have to run out to take pictures for the clothes now! Hope you like this upcoming collection! :)

p.s changed the 12pm (LOL) to 12mn alr! && i'm uploading the pictures in a few minutes time! :)

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