Monday, December 8, 2008

Steve Aoki at Zouk!

I found the polaroid films at Parkway Parade's basement level (the photo shop nearest to the Watsons)!! So happy but it's it's frikin' expensive. It was like $30 for 10 (ahhh it's $3 a film mind you!). So i bought 2 boxes and i know i should get all the 4 boxes left because it's very hard to find it now (and if you can, it'll be $35)! I hope when i go back on Thur or Fri it'll still be there...Need polaroid's to fill up a certain project i'm working on! :)

Oh and i am VERY amused at a comment i got. To you: I never said im famous and have what it takes to be famous but if you still want to compare me with those really famous bloggers, I AM HONORED. :)


I've only 5 minutes to do this post!! Can't blog tomorrow because tomorrow's gonna be packed from morning-night so i shall just make good use of this 5 minutes i have left before i head out to hunt for polaroid films!

Some pictures from last week's party at Fort Canning...

Hehe i like individual shots!!

Ok and last night was fantastic!!!!!

Steve Aoki was spinning and i cannot believe how great he is!

I was super gone at 3ish and then it had to rain heavily when i needed to go home sooooo badly!! Was was horrible!


Yippee! Slept till 3ish this afternoon. Haven't slept pass 12pm for a long time!! It felt good but at the same time it kinda sucked cus i was supposed to spend my afternoon doing a photoshoot and go to Mustafa to look for polaroid films...URGH.

Ok 5 mins up...Gotta run! Toodles!!

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