Monday, December 29, 2008

Still loving the lashes

...despite so much difficulties.

I spent 15 min cleaning the eyeshit slowly (yeah got a lot of eye shit because my eyes was all swollen last night. was trying to rub it but not touch the lashes...was a challenge!)...urgh. Couldn't just wash it like how i used to.

Sorry... just loving my lashes!! It's like me putting mascara + eyeliner when i didn't! Hehe.

Anyway, i gotta go do packing of the bandage skirts now!

I decided to do a backorder for the black one since the factory still has extra fabric for it. Here's your last chance to get it! Remember's only available here because i specially manufactured it for the store (it's even sold out at Topshop)! Click (here) for the backorder page! 

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