Thursday, December 4, 2008



One more hour and the preorder for the Black Lame Leggings will close!

Cannot extent because there's about 1xx orders now and i am afraid there wouldn't be enough in my supplier's coming shipment on Fri.

THUR 11:16PM

I feel like deleting my friendster a/c. LOL.

But cannot bear to delete it because of the testimonials from 4 years back!!


Very. Tired.

But i am giving myself a break after The X'mas Collection II - Collection #61 (will be launched next week).

I need a break. So bad!

So many things i wanna do.

1. I need to go wallet hunting! Aiming for the YSL one on ebay but i wanna go walk around town in hope to find a nicer one...

2. Also need to stop online shopping and actually SHOP TILL MY LEGGINGS TURN JELLY. I miss that feeling. :( The only place i get to shop at is only Topshop before heading to Haji. Sad lah...haven't been shopping elsewhere besides Topshop (and online) for the past month! AND AFTER SHOPPING...I want to catch a movie!!! It's not like i haven't been catching the latest shows (illegally) online but but i need to stop watching bad quality movies online already.

3. I wanna waste a day SLEEPING like how i used to do in the past. Been sleeping at 3 and waking up at 9 everyday-OH THOSE EYES!

4. I want to go jogging too!! That day i saw a sec school friend and got that "you gained weight" comment AGAIN. IT WAS SAD. I hate myself for not being able to reduce my food intake...or even choose HEALTHY food. I live to eat soo....yeah....the only way to lose weight or maintain my weight is to exercise because my appetite is just HUGE.

Oh yet another complain post but IT'S OKAY because this is a place to share all my thoughts and feelings!

Just one last collection next week and i can achieve all the above!

I'll make the last collection for year 2008 a good one. Pinky promise!

Then once in a while i'll post just a few items up for sale...instead of big collections! :)

By the way, the response for...

Link is (HERE).


There's now a massive amount of orders for this item and instead of closing on Sun, i've to close TONIGHT because it's already close to a 100 orders and i'm not sure if my supplier has enough stocks in hand.

You may feel free to place your order for it (HERE)!

I'll close tonight and give everyone up to Sunday (7 DEC) to pay up. No payment = No order. Sorry!!

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