Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Am finally done with Photoshop. Gosh my eyes never left the screen for a good 4 hours.

Very tiring day. As expected.

My throat is hurting and my head is pounding.

I really need rest now...

Am. Breaking. Down.

Waiting for the photos to finish loading in Photobucket and i'll post everything up at the store.

So sorry to keep you waiting from 10pm. Really am. Plans for today screwed up. Major.

The boyfriend spent the day helping me out a lot. Thank goodness for him or else i don't know how i'd survive...He was being such a sweet tart as well.

-In the bus-
Me: Eh i'm so tired i want to sleep so badly!!!
Him: Lie on my shoulder!
Me: I don't know why people like doing that...so uncomfortable?
Him: Hmm -pulls something out of his bag- will this make you more comfortable?

A plushie!!!!!

He got it while i was waiting for him to get his piercing supplies...I swear he made my day!

Happy happy me.

Makes me feel like a kid all over again. :)

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