Friday, December 26, 2008

X'mas is not over...yet.

It’s a bandage skirt bonanza! While body-conscious apparel has long been a Hollywood staple, we think the way young tastemakers are wearing these super tight skirts is simply irresistible.

Bandage gear is inherently sexual, after all, there isn’t a curve on the body that a form-fitting Alaia or Herve Leger doesn’t reveal. Ladies like Nicole, Kirsten, Mary Kate, and Kate make this style look modern by dialing down the hubba-hubba factor. They wear their second skin-fit skirts during the day, paired with slightly oversized tees or a blazer. If a tee feels too casual, another option is to tuck in a fitted—not tight—top into your skirt, like Kate did above, for a long, lean silhouette. To avoid looking like a Robert Palmer* video vixen, we suggest leaving the stiletto pumps at home and choose a simple pair of flats instead (during the day that is, at night do what you like).

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All happy in our comfy home clothes ready for the show!!

Ly's place has a darn awesome sound system! The mini theatre room she has in her house is even better but we bought a lot of food so we couldn't watch the show there. :((

Merry X'mas once again! 12 days of x'mas so today (26) is still x'mas!

My morning was spent packing and in the late afternoon i headed to F's place for an awesome meal! Pasta and pizza!! Then we headed to get more food!! Like carrot cake, fried oyster, satay and ice cream...GLUTTONS R US

Luv 'em for loving food! Cannot stand people who hate food! No offence! If i were to hang out with a group of friends who hate eating, i'll get sooo depressed! But on the other hand, i'd be able to lose weight...which's something i'm dying to do...since forever. Ok who hates food and is willing to be my friend? Hahaha. 

Sorry i went off track...

So anyway, after getting all the food, it was off to Ly's place to watch the DVD we rented, Wedding Daze

Which's a pretty good show i must say! Didn't fall asleep! I always sleep while watching DVDs...especially at night.

Still at Ly's. Freda's giving me a good massage. Hehe.

Though x'mas wasn't spent partying or doing anything crazy, i must say it's a very enjoyable day spent with my favourite girls. :)

Hope you had a great day too!

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