Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year 2008

What an amazing year.

SO much has happened...

Posting some old pictures taken throughout the year!

Wow mum really aged a lot!!

Ok here are some in 07 to see how much i change in 08!


I found Figo's pictures too!

Back in 07!

Super cute no?!!!!!!!!!


This year...
1. I took out my braces.
2. I got my first tattoo (the Audrey Hepburn potrait)!
3. Met a lot of new friends! Think it's the year i met the most friends! A lot of ppl to list so i shall not do that because i might miss out some names...:(
4. Went to NAFA and quitted after 2 weeks LOL
5. Earned the most money this year!
6. Managed to not lose any phone..but instead destroy phones by 1) Sitting/Stepping on it (i cannot rmb what i did to make that lcd crack like that) 2) Throwing it outta the window (by accident of course).
7. Lived without an IC!!! Omg i really need go do my IC again.
8. Shifted house about 2 or 3 times! HAHA.
.....ok a lot happened!

It's not possible to state everything here because....ok actually i'm just lazy to go through my archives.

Am very very tired! Only slept 3 hours today, and 4 hours yesterday. Sooooo crazy i know!! Have been eating A LOT to give me the energy. Quite sad but i cannot help it! If i dont eat, or if i eat just a lil, i'll be sooo moody and i wouldn't wanna do anything.


Anyway! Last night was spent at ECP! Was just a simple gathering with some food and drinks. Can't believe i don't have a single picture of the night...So no use blogging about it because it'll be a bore without pictures!

Oh before i end this post,


1. TO LOSE WEIGHT (and this has been on the list since...forever)
2. Get back my motivation to go jogging everyday! Ok everyday's a bit too much...make it 3 times a week!
3. Balance boyfriend time & friends time. 
4. Work hard enough to let my mum retire and buy a car at the end of '09! Which is not that impossible as it sound you know...because remember last year i thought i wouldn't be able to save enough for my boutique throughout the year but in the end i started saving since Nov and still managed to have enough!
5. Open another shop at Far East!! 
6. To stop being so clumsy and forgetful!!!!!!!
7. To go do something good. Like go to church or some children's home! I haven't done anything of that sort in '08 and i feel bad!
8. Self- study a lil about fashion.
9. Be more organised and manage my time well!
10. Not make any additional enemies! (currently on my list: 3)


Hope 2009 treats you well! Happy New Year once again!  

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