Thursday, May 29, 2008

@ Freda's

Oh dear...internet connection at home is still down.


I hope the technician really comes tomorrow.

So yesterday was a mini shopping spree with E. Can i say i simply LUVVVVV Spotlight! We got buttons and i got quite a lot (went back to get more today!) to change the buttons of my HW shorts and dresses. Buttons really can change the whole look. A lot.

Then at night at some weird timing, F & C were in A's car to my place and then we wenta Home. Yay 2 A for helping us get free entry. I like parties which aren't crowded so i guess i liked last night because we have all the space to shuffle! Still, am damn lousy but will improve yes i will!!

I really wanna get a couple of sandals from sooooo much so i opened a spree!
They've a lot of nice strappy heels and gladiator sandals (i'm a big fan of strappy footwear!!).
See if you like anything on the site and join the spree so i can close fast and WE can get our stuff asap!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

still down

Random pictures...

Sorry for the finger i dont mean it but look at the ring it's soooo pretty no? I luv it so much i found it in my mum's cupboard but you know what? Guess what? I think i actually misplaced it. URGH. I seriously cannot handle accessories. Esp rings and small necklaces. 


Oh great. Just very great.

The technician won't be down today.

But instead...


Freaking Friday?!?!

That means i've to do without the internet for another 28685971 days!!!

I'm already close to dying.

Being without the computer, i suppose i'd be more free and can find the time to go out and have fun?

But noo...

I get worried almost 24/7. I panic a lot at the thought of having 100++ unread e-mails in my inbox. I hate to rush through reading them and replying them. I hate rushing anything in fact.

So this few days, i head to D's place to use his computer.

& i've been neglecting my friends!!

I feel like such an ass man really. :(

Anyway, a couple of days back, Freda and I headed for supper @ Katong!

Yay 2 chinese food! It felt so home cooked. I haven't had a nice home cooked meal since forever.
The soup was soooooo damn good Freda and I headed back there the next day and had 2 bowls of it. Oh kiasu girls R Us.
The bowl isn't small. At all. 
Man, i remembered how badly we needed to pee minutes after we finished our meal.
But it was good! You must try the food there. :)

Ok and yes good bye i can't wait for my internet connection to be fixed i dont like using people's computers. :(

Check the following out:
1. Collection V -More Items Added!
2. Bags

The YouthEmpire Presents...


VAUNT III (Party for a Cause)

17th June 2008

Doors Open at 730pm


Besides that, VAUNT III also happens to be The YouthEmpire’s 3rd Year Anniversary, and us at The YouthEmpire know better than to throw our Birthday Bash in a series of 3 Fashion Centric Events (2 Free and 1 VAUNT) because we want to THANK ALL OF YOU for having us around for the past 3 years!


Pay for ONE event, come for ALL 3 and adorn that VAUNT III badge of yours to gain entry into ALL!


We’re sure you’ve read about Myanmar and China and we agree that we should do something about it! We are collecting donation at the door for all 3 events and all proceeds will go to Red Cross Mercy Aid Fund! Let’s all Party For A Cause!


3rd June 2008

The Butter Factory

“Dare to Wear” Party


Come dressed in your most Mis(x)Matched Gear! Or come dressed in something you will NEVER wear!

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If not, make a donation at the door and come in to party the night away!


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10th June 2008

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We at The YouthEmpire know better than to spoil our element of surprise and mystery so stay tuned… J

We hear it might just be a HOUSE / WAREHOUSE party! We hear it might just be BYO (Bring Your Own)!


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17th June 2008


The Ministry of Sound   


The Youth Empire's next event, VAUNT III- The Ministry of Fashion. Our very own Singapore Young Fashion Designers' Awards happens on the 17 June at MoS.


For one night only, the boldest and most fearless fashion pieces of 10 upcoming young designers will adorn the sizzling bodies of 20 of our hottest teen models in the most glittering and iconic Young Fashion Designers' Awards of the year!


With special guest appearances from Singapore's Local Artistes as Judges, The Hip Hop Crew , and the transformation of Pure Room into an Exclusive Love Labyrinth and all things Jetstar Asia - there's something for everyone at VAUNT III 2008!*


Where the couture-conscious, harajuku-chic and anyone with a love of popping lights, fashion, expression, and eye-candy unite - be surrounded by beautiful strangers and blaze up the runway with us @ VAUNT III 2008!


Dress Code: New School Hues! We are thinking NEON and GO GO GLO!!



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Monday, May 26, 2008

Vaunt 3

Vaunt 3 is Youthempire's 3rd anniversary and we are throwing 3 events!

Make yourself free on the following dates...

3 June - Butterfactory

10 June - *to be confirmed*

17 June - M.O.S (Vaunt 3)

Also, we are going to raise funds for Myanmar and China. Present your Vaunt 3 ticket for this 2 PRE-VAUNT (3rd&10th) events and donate any kind amount at the door! All proceeds will go directly to them. Party for a cause!

It's 3 parties for the price of ONE ($25**)!

Contact me for tickets NOW!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

internet down

My internet is down and the technician can only be down on Tue.

That. Sucks.

I'm someone who MUST use the internet every single day without fail.

I spend at least 6 hours a day on it.



I'm using Daryl's lappy now and i'm sooo not used to it.

I miss my comp.

It's been almost 2 days.

Anyway, i'm going t update Twistandkiss today.

And i'll bring my lappy to Macs tomorrow morning to reply the mails.

Friday, May 23, 2008

private event

So i just filled my tummy with seafood @ 85 with Freda just awhile ago. The bloated tummy is making me even more sleepy (but i'm not allowed to sleep! got work to do!). I just like to sleep after my meals. It's bad like who doesn't know but actually i don't know why it's so bad but anyway yeah it's bad!

I'm to edit the photos before going to sleep. 345 pictures. Good luck to me!

Ok will leave this space for a while to start on editing and then below i'll continue with the pictures. It's 1:58AM now. Let's see how long i'll take!
I'm back at...ok now's 2:46AM! Took me close to an hour to edit about 100++ photos, most of em ended up being deleted.

So the event's some OSD (oh shit or is it OCD??) private party thing @ The Arena.

Not very pleased with the outcome of today's photos.

I know i don't take the most fantastic pictures.

But anyway I think i'm quite lucky to be able to get such a job offer! I mean like, i'm really quite a noob @ photography. I know very little and most of my nice pictures are taken by luck and not skills? I dont know man but still, thankfully there are people who actually still ask me to be their photographer for their event so yes, i'm glad and very very thankful for the opportunity to earn some fast cash doing what i like. :)

Still...i don't wish to pursue photography. Like, it's quite weird saying this to all but i'll just say what i truly feel and why i'm not intending to actually take up photography. Like what Daryl and i discussed just moments ago, we both like taking pictures but we also like to be the one being taken of as well...HAHA. So if i'm gonna be a photographer, then like, i'll have to give my full attention to other people and none given in return!! :( Ok i totally sound like some kinda attention whore but seriously, that's how i feel.

Like eg, if i'm a pro photographer, i'll be able to take beautiful pictures of my friends and all and they can put it up on facebook/friendster/their blogs and have nice pictures with themselves in it. Whereas as a photographer, my facebook/friendster/blog won't have nice pictures. You get my drift? I think everyone is selfish in 1 way and another? Or is this not being selfish? Hahaha idk man!

So yes, even though i have an interest in photography, i just prefer doing it like during my spare time and not my whole life.

Oh but i'm gonna have to wake up at 9AM to help Freda iron a shirt she wants to borrow.

Also need to pick out a long dress which goes after my knee caps to cover those hideous wounds for tomorrow like right now because i take 4ever to choose my clothes and tmr i really cannot afford to waste my time away picking out dresses because tmr is packed from 9am-11pm day. I still refuse to put a bandage/plaster on my wound because the thought of removing it (the stickiness)...Ouch. & can u believe i've not a single ointment for cuts/wounds/whatsoever.

Then time to take a warm bath and tuck myself into bed!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


So i realised, almost all the girls my boyfriend spots on the street and tells me she's hot, the girl would always be thin.

And also...i realised all his ex girlfriends look way better than me and are all THIN.

And also...all those girls whom i admire a lot are all THIN.

So today when i woke up at 9am i jumped outta bed, got changed to my oversized tee and fbts and started doing warm ups.

So i jogged to the stadium near by and soon after i finished 400m = 1 round the track, my legs turned wobbly and i fell. It was a bad fall which left me close to tears and sitting there for 5 min because i couldn't stand up. No one was around to help me up because i guess it's a weekday and everyone's @ sch/work but it's a good thing because i'd feel so embarassed otherwise.

So now...i've this ugly bruise on my knee cap. It's so hideous!! :(

I haven't fell since...forever man.


Monday, May 19, 2008


To those who wanna watch GG, you can watch IT (here).
Idk why last time i was kinda reluctant to tell people that i watch GG because i didn't want many people to watch it but now that it is very very popular here in SG...hahaha.
I'm so selfish last time i swear. :X

Good things must be shared lah, right?


I've been watching Gossip Girl since the time i woke up. Ok so i'm actually re-watching the whole thing for the 2nd time...can you tell how bored i was??? 10 episodes down,8 more to go before i hit the sacks.

Sigh watching the series on my computer is not cool at all because i was munching on snacks the whole time. Can you imagine the amount of calories i gained by popping sweets, munching on pringles and anchovies while seated/lying down? It's so sad. Each time I look at myself in the mirror, i frown. Without fail. I must stop overeating and start exercising. I've 2 mths left before school starts. That's not a lot of time if i hope to go down to a 4xkg (not revealing hahaha :p).

Oh and my coming week? I've a curfew. I've a curfew. I've a what.....!?!?! A curfew.

I hardly have curfews.

Curfews suck ok.

But because i went home only in the morning almost every single day last week, it kinda pissed mom off. I bet she misses me and wants to see me more at night. That's good, my mom loves me and cares. Hehe.

Oh well...this week, i shall be home early everyday.

You have to be a good girl. Sometimes.


Oh yes F & C dropped by just a while ago. With cookies. I love cookies. I've 8 more episodes to go and a packet of fresh home made cookies made with luv in front of me.

Oooooh you little brown things i'm going to gobble you up.

Or maybe not...


Friday, May 16, 2008


***Thrift stores in SGP!
Quite a few have asked for the addresses of the thrift stores and i just google-d it and found the addresses of a few!

1. Salvation Army Thrift Stores
Click (here)
The biggest one is Praisehaven @ Bukit Timah if i'm not wrong?

2. Good As New Charity Shop
800 Margaret Drive
M.I.N.D.S. Employment Development Centre

3. New 2 U Shop
96 Waterloo Street
Singapore Council of Women's Organizations

4. Treasure MINDS
800 Margaret Drive
Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS)

505 Beach Road
#02-200 Singapore 199583
Tel : 62925261

6. Thieves Market(?)
Sungei Road, near Sim Lim Square.

Some of them i've never been to before like no. 5! Gotta go check it out soon :)


Ok it's 3:57AM and i'm still wideeeee awake because i cannot cannot stop blog hopping.

I found so many blogs where people (US ppl) get really cheap dresses from thrift stores and alter them (which = to saving a whole lot!) to look so amazing you didn't think they bought it at like such a low price (say US$3) which makes me wish i was in the US. Ok, or maybe wish Singapore's thrift stores would actually have sooo many nice vintage dresses.

I've been to quite a few thrift stores in SG but somehow, never once have i gotten anything! Sigh am too picky i guess. I can't wait for my next trip to a thrift store. However most of them are so damn far the thought of travelling there makes me not want to step out of my house. The only thrift store i know of in the East is the one at Changi but it's soooo small. :(

So anyway, i guess before i make a trip to the very far away from the east thrift stores, i must learn how to sew!!!

However, HOW DO I START?

I know my course in NAFA will teach me how to but i want to know how to now now now and not months later...


Oh anyway, i'll let you in to 1 of my fav blogs,

I love what she did, here. She's amazing, really.

I'm so getting something from her ebay store soon.

Soon prolly means after the Great Sg Sale!! I can't wait for the sale i reeeeeally can't wait!!

It's about time i start saving.

Oh yes! I know i'm such an ass, for not replying the comments you people left for the past i-d-k how many posts. I've been really busy nowadays i'm hardly home and when i'm home and on the computer, i'll be busy with Twistandkiss, online shopping, blog hopping...and by the time i'm done with all this i'll be soooo tired the only thing in my mind left would be heading to bed. Sorry!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

4 girls + 1 camera

You know what to expect if you leave 4 bored girls at McCafe with a camera!

I couldn't stop laughing while editing this! Don't these remind you of what it was like back in 2003-2005 in neoprint machines! Oh oh and what happened to M.O.T (Museum of Twits if you don't remember!!)? I bet we'll totally make it to one of their entries with our kawaiizxz1234 poses hehe.

Man, even though it was stupid typing LyK tHiiS but i remember back then, i was a much much happier girl with a really simple and carefree life...unlike now...sigh it's all complicated but we all have to grow up some day!

I miss the old friends. :( Somehow, someday i wish we'd hang out again...we'll sit at Starbucks reminiscing those younger days over coffee and laugh at how stupid and silly we were back then splurging our allowances on neoprint machines. It'll be cool. I hope it'll happen. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

meant to be?

So...we had an argument. Then me,, resorted to using the stupid B word.
However, i know deep down, i don't really mean it. I stopped replying at 11ish and brought Figo down for a walk. I went back to my room and laid in bed contemplating for a really long time if i should/shouldn't text him. Then i fell asleep.

At 5ish in the morn i woke up to the sound of thunder and couldn't fall back to sleep.

I looked at my phone and saw missed calls and unread smses.

I just needed someone to talk to at the time. Ok but then again, if i had someone to talk to, I wouldn't talk to the person because i've become someone who no longer likes sharing my relationship issues with friends. No,not because i don't trust them but because i prefer to keep it to myself and try resolving it myself instead of bothering them.

I know, it's not exactly bothering, but when i'm with my friends, i like the mood to be good and not ruin it all by talking about things which doesn't concern them and most friends are rather sympathetic so if i were to be sad, they'd too! You get what i mean? Being with my friends means that i should be taking my mind off all the unpleasant things and just eat,drink & be so damn glad i still have friends and that my life doesn't only revolve around my boyfriend.

However note it's 5am in the morning and i doubt anyone's awake so i talked to Figo. Figo looked at me in the eye as i spoke as tears trickled down my cheeks, he, the sweet lil boy, licked the tears away. I hugged him so tightly. It's amazing what an understanding lil dog he is and i know i'm such a weird girl to actually talk to him but really, Figo's like...human (yeah just with the fur and he's small and mute? wait till you meet him!).

In the end, I decided to text him, so he'd wake up & smile.

Then guess what?



After sending him the short message, just a second later a message came.



It was so scary.

Whenever our relationship's rocky, this always happens. I guess it's to remind us of how in the beginning of our relationship,we "telepathy-ed" all the time and it's just a very special thing i don't think i can have with just anyone.

So i say, i guess even God wants us to stay together huh therefore leaving us with this special telepathy gift.

Found my other half?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

mood: geeky

[P.S Twistandkiss has updated!]

Happy Birthday Eugenia & Freda!

It's such a coincidence 2 of my closest friends' birthdays fall on the same day! :)

So anyway, just came back from Siglap with a whole lot of pictures thanks to arjun & christelle but it's good, the more pictures the....uh,merrier?

Random collage of random people (some i don't even know!!).

Too tired to type.

I need to rest.

Bye 4 now

Monday, May 5, 2008


I have a sudden craving for jap food. Even though i just had it @ Hanabi a couple of days back. Moreover, it was an eat-all-you-can buffet and Freda & I did eat till we were bloated. Gosh.

So today's Sunday and all Sundays shall now be = to Boyfriend's Day. I will love Sundays and will look forward to the next Sunday. It's just so sad to be so free and your bf's so busy and have hardly enough time for you.

It's so weird how people in Ngeeann can still talk 'bout me + D even though we're no longer there (i am so glad!!). Quite interesting eh, wonder who started it? ;)

I feel like i've a "man" in me. I cannot seem to take my eyes of pretty girls and get them off my mind (when i see them on the streets). Like a guy. I mean like seriously!! Even my boyfriend thinks that i'm even worse than a guy! Haha. Then sometimes, i'll go to forums where some men talk about babes and then visit those babe's blogs and start being a frequent visitor. Come to think of it, i'm pretty scary so you better not let me know who you're if you're like really pretty!! Or maybe you should then...

Haha not funny.

For the next few days, i'll have to be strict with what i spend my moolah on. I needa save for a big shopping spree on or with the girlfriendz!

Man i seriously hate how screwed my body clock is now. My eyes just cannot shut. Damn.

I should go play some djmax till my eyes get tired. I miss djmax!!

Sheena, i hope you're feeling a tad better after the talk just now. Please take care & you know i love you!

I'm conducting a Forever 21 Spree @ Ohsofickle.lj!
Click (here) if interested!

*this post is so random because as you can see, it's titled Random.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

surprise party

Happy 18th B'day Sheena!

Planned a surprise party for Sheena & Freda!

At first, i was super duper worried because of the many people backing out at the last minute.

Thankfully it wasn't THAT bad in the end and i'm really glad!

I really want to thank every single one who played a part to make this a success!
Some who really played a big part are Christelle (for helping me contact a whole lot of people and i know you were really stressed up!! luv you!!), Leonard (for helping me with the drinks part and yes i want the photos!!), Arjun (for taking so much time out to help out!) & Phylicia (for allowing us to use ur place!). Oh and of course, all those who made an effort to be there!

Sheena, sorry for not going clubbing in the end. I know you really really wanted us to be down! Will make it up to you next time! I still hoped you enjoyed the surprise! :)

Freda, you deserve this, babe! I really wanted to make you happy! This is only the pre-birthday celebration, more to comeeeee!

Ok now let the shit load of pictures do the talking!!!