Thursday, July 31, 2008

2 Bags

Too many bags!! Need to sell these lovely ones away because i've no space and i really need to raise moolah for the 1 year anni gift for my stupid bf...

Got this one quite a while back from Baggage (at Far East). Way before HURS had a similar one. Baggage only brought in 1 bag per design so i doubt you'll see anyone on the streets with this bag!

Retailed at $59.90. HURS is still selling it at $59.90 too!

Used but still in rather good condition!

Selling at $36 MEET UP at Bedok/Bugis.
Too huge to be posted :( cannot be wrapped because it's rather hard and can't be folded.
I can try though...maybe put it into a me if you're interested!

This is a vintage bag! For the girls who hate having similar stuff as others! You will never see anyone with this bag because i think it's at least 10 years old! True vintage so not for fussy buyers! No flaws though! Maybe just smells like it's 10 years old, you know those chuck at a corner for very long smell? Haha.

Selling at $32 inclusive of Normal Postage!
Registered Postage will cost an additional $2.24.
Meet ups @ Bedok/Bugis - on weekdays only! However price will still be at $32!

For more bags (brand new ones!), visit!
Latest Collection: Sexyback 2
Think: Chanel Inspired Bag,Basket Bag,Gladiator Sandals...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting busy

Ok...someone's getting busier day by day like a bumble bee! Actually not THAT busy but compared to my relaxed life for the past 8 months, it is. I've like 12 head drawings to complete, research on Audrey Hepburn (woohoo!! my awesome theme!!), find fashion details book and try reading as much as possible....Man, and the work keeps piling up! It kinda sucks but the people in school make me wanna continue going to school!

I just saw the pictures on Shermin's blog and i kept smiling because i'm soooo glad i like every single person in the group and we get along so well! I like how everyone's so down to earth! :) I shall bring my cam on Fri! YES MY BELOVED CAM HAS BEEN FIXED AT THE PRICE OF...$1! Thanks to my Boyfriend's uncle. I AM SO LUCKY. I think if i bring it to the other camera doctors, i'd have to pay like $xxx man.

It's soooo not true when they say you will not feel like eating during your period. I just ate like...a cow man seriously. My bf and i found an awesome snow ice dessert shop @ Parkway and i shall share it with ya'll soon because i've got some work to do. Updating Twistandkiss tomorrow! With sandals & bags. The apparels on Sat/ Sun! Remember to drop by! :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dr Marten's

I've always wanted a pair of Dr Marten's but kept contemplating and then 3 days ago i placed a bid on a very amazing pair of faux snake skin Dr Marten's and I WON! Woohoo!!! I am soooooo overjoyed. However after getting those boots, i'm VERY broke now.

I need to pay my bills, buy $100 colour pencils, buy the boyfriend's 1 year anniversary gift...and etc...How now brown cowwwwwww? :(:(

Anyway...i managed to stop falling asleep in class by popping warheads in my mouth every 10 mins or so! It's good that i stop sleeping but it's very bad because....SUGAR=FATS.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Hahaha! Omg.

So like, the first thing i did when i logged into my computer was to check my Haloscan for comments. When i saw comments like "Your boyfriend is so sweet!", i totally went..."HUH?!? WHAT?!?!". So i decided to go to my blog to see what i last posted (but i was pretty sure it wasn't anything about him!).

When i saw that post, i immediately broke into a smile.

No wonder when i woke up in the middle of the night, there he was using the laptop...and i just ignored and fell back to sleep.

But...I got up from a nightmare just now. I dreamt he cheated on me and i woke up crying and i wanted to talk to him but he went home. already..but now...i'm all smiles. :) What a way to make my morning.

I'm all wide awake and ready to do some research now!

sweet nothings.

hey, this is daryl. hacking indeed.. hone' just thought that it'll be nice to surprise you when you wake up tmr. (in case you lose that lil note again you dick.) and you look like a pig now. haha! loveyou.

i ask god for a flower, he gave me a bouquet, 

i ask god for a minute,he gave me a day,

i asked god for true love,

i got that too!

i ask god for an angel,

and he gave me you.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Enter (HERE).

Wooohoo time flies. A week has passed and my sch mates are an awesome bunch of girls! Yesterday we had durians (thank goodness we all love durians! & thriple yay for the durian season!!) before theatre class. We are random girls like that! Then we did out girl thing at bugis street (no not shopping, shopping @ bugis st on a Fri is sooo.....). I never thought threading of eyebrows would hurt so bad! Never mind, at least i've neat brows now. Like they say..."no pain,no gain".

This post is dumb but i just had to post something below the advert for the latest collection so anyway, me needs to go to the p.o with the 2 big fat plastic bags of mail! Till next time, xoxo!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Uh oh... i just woke up and school started like...say an hour ago? Damn.... I was so looking forward to today but...urgh:( H8 to skip school unintentionally...It'll be too late to go to school ends at 12pm and if you're late for over 15 min you're counted as absent (so bad huh!).

Thank goodness for thoughtful people as classmates (that dear Cheryl texted me so unexpectedly! :)) and attentive people sitting around me so i'd be able to catch up with them!

It's so different in this school now. I feel so much happier? And it's great that it's an all girls environment (almost) and i feel much better around girls than guys. Moreoever,it's way better than my secondary school (which honestly,i'm slightly embarrassed of). Plus, the thought of skipping school despite how early i've to wake up never crossed my mind after...4 days.

Breaking beloved Canon 350d died. I hope it'll come back to life later when i take it to the camera clinic. :( Please also dont tell me the fees will burn a hole in my pocket. :(

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2nd day

Oh 1 last thing to add to the previous post, not every girl is blessed to have such a skinny build like you (quit saying you're fat because you're just insulting like 3/4 of the population in the world). It's just my luck to be fat! I shall leave the war aside now because i think i've said my piece and need not say anymore.

I never thought i'll ever enjoy life in my new school but i guess i was wrong because i'm liking it more and more day by day! I love meeting new people everyday. It really pays off to make an effort to get over my shyness and be friendly and just be myself! Love the company of the lunch buddies especially (& good thing is all of us are girls!). :)

Pray hard school gets better and more fun as days go and i pray there wont be sooo much politics going around me.

Though it's really quite stressful because there's a lot of things to i have to buy (i've to spend an estimated amount of $300 for the sch stuff) and i refuse to bring myself to ask my mum to fund me for it. :( I spent my $100 which i saved for the Mango Leather vest on sewing materials and i want to claim it from my mum but she already gave me $150 for my allowance this week and i feel bad asking her for money since i haven't gotten money from her for quite some time.

Awaiting for the Nuffnang cheque of $xxx coming at the end of this month!! Woohoo Nuffnang to the rescue!! :)

Time to meet the girlfriends for some catching up @ Gelare later. WAFFLES AT HALF PRICE !!! \m/

Must Shut Up

why trying to pull a xx and dawn here?
are you that in need of hits?
I've had my share of limelight, and enough is enough.
you want more? then please channel your greed towards them.
i doubt anyone would want to entertain you anyways.

& as if i bother reading your blog.
I don't give two fucks about you and your clothes.
so you can continue being your little retarded business woman..
I've got much better things in my life to attend to, hello?

I just wanna set the record straight, I dont see you as any form of a threat.

Enough of blog fights.
grow up.

Fistly, i will not have done that post if you and your friend did not provoke me. As much as i dislike you, i just ignored you when i saw you and tried to tell myself not to do anything and just let it pass. But no...when your friend and you stared at me and laughed and made me look so much like a fool...THAT WAS IT. I didnt want a "blog fight . And i am not trying to make a war here but come on, everything was a-okay with us ignoring each other up till yesterday afternoon where you just had to do such an annoying thing (and it so happened when the XX & DY case was at peak) . Well, since you said "enough of blog fights", if the next time you and your friend are gonna do the same thing back to me, what am i to do? I will not be the kind who'd look down and walk away....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Little Miss "Originality"

Click HERE.


Hello Earthlings! The past few days have been full of drama. It was c-r-a-z-y but anyway, i'm a-okay now!

Sat was the Youth Empire movie screening of The Dark Knight at Great World City...

It was good but i kinda lost concentration halfway through because it wasn't the best day for me then.

Cam-whored in the toilet we call our farm.

After which, we headed to Zouk and i ended up breaking down because i contained the sadness and faked to be happy the whole day and i guess at the end of the day, you have to release it somehow. I thank all the concerned human beings and i love all of you too! :)

Today's the first day of school!

It's been long since i attended school. As usual, like in the past, after 45 mins passed, i saw myself falling asleep.

However i think it's not that bad but then...lunch time came and...

(be prepared for a long post...)

(be prepared to see the bitch in me...)

So i was having my lunch very peacefully @ the Kopitiam with The Boyfriend and then i saw Pelyn Tan, our favourite blogger Celeste Chen's bestfriend!

I always tell myself to ignore people and NOT stare at them even if i hate them or whatsoever.

This very great Pelyn Tan girl is damn fierce i'm telling you!

Celeste Chen came awhile later and then both sat a distance away to admire me from afar (oh the honour!!). I looked up and saw them both staring so i stared back and that angelic Pelyn Tan smiled so sweetly (i lost my appetite) and mouthed to Celeste Chen to continue staring. But don't think you're cute, pretty and wear Flesh Imp t-shirt and stare at me, you'll scare me because you don't. Seriously. If you're SO unhappy with me (for which apparently,i have no idea what reason), ask your very fierce boyfriend to beat me lor, stare for what? You should save your eyes from being sore. Up yours, biatch.

Hehe that's one pretty Chanel ring no?
And Celeste Chen has the same initials as that sigh world is not fair.

The Celeste Chen shit happened back in like what, 2003/2004? I know you go to City Harvest very frequently and didn't the church teach you to like Forgive? Or like...stop hating and love everyone? I know, who am i to say all this right? I admit i'm a back slider though.

And...i've been keeping this to myself but i think since i said so much might as well i say it all...

I'm not sensitive when i see people have the same thing as me (not on purpose that is). I really am not the kind who goes like "Eh that girl copy!" if i see a girl on the streets with a similar thing as me. I hate all the copy-copy shit. I find it supar dupaaaar childish to the maximum man.

But when it comes to the famous blogger Celeste Chen (who loves speaking about "Originality"), it's different.

Because she (and of course ALL HER FELLOW FOLLEWERS) think that i want to be like her and copy her all the time.

1. Anon told me to check out Celeste's blog and Celeste dear, when i saw it, i honestly felt it was pure coincidence because why would you want to have the same thing as your fat & ugly enemy right? So i did not accept that comment until not long ago.

2. Then i was shocked to see you in school (which was damn funny because the moment you saw me, you turned around at the speed of light woohoo!) in a braided headband which looks damn familiar...i think i saw it here.

3. And we all know Cotton On is the best place to shop but what a coincidence because in your July 13 post, there you are in the changing room in the exact white dress i have as seen in my July 10 post.

Original she is. Indeed.

However i kept all this to myself and didn't wish to tell anyone (except my boyfriend and 2 girlfriends) about it because it's plain stupid and childish.

So much for being kind. Really.

I really don't want to blog about this but it just sucks when you control all the time and people think you're scared of them that's why you don't retaliate and utter a single thing. I just don't want to ignore it already because i have my limits.

I really don't want to care what people are gonna say about me being so bitchy and blogging about this issue but really, place yourself into my shoes. You would be sooo pissed off man seriously.

I know Celeste is way more famous and popular but i really don't care because i don't think that if you're popular, you're 100% original.

I think if Celeste is going to blog about this (and put my name), i'd have a lot more hits and as a blogger (with ads on the blog running), you'd definitely need more of those! Hehe always look on the bright side of life...

If some think i'm an attention seeker and dying to be popular by writing this post, come on, we all know who the attention whore is ok?

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I thought things changed for the better...

I thought everything would be fine...

But it isn't. I don't know what to do now because i love you but i hate you.

Why...why must you keep doing things to disappoint me?

Anyway,months back, i read a newspaper article regarding a death of an army guy. That guy looked very familiar and his name rang a bell. However i didn't really bother bout it. Then today, a month or so later, i was told to read a girl's blog because her boyfriend passed away and how sad everything is for her. When i saw the pictures of her boyfriend and her...i was speechless. I was a photographer for an event where i saw them and admired how loving and cute they looked together. I remembered them both(i tend to remember very cute couples!) very clearly in my mind though i bet they wouldn't have a clue who i was. Her boyfriend was a very nice guy. He really made D and i feel comfortable in that place and was very friendly. I remembered thinking both his girlfriend and him seemed to be the only good looking people in the whole club. :x oops.

Sigh. It's scary really. How life is sooo freaking unpredictable.

I really want to cherish the ones i hold ever so close to my heart so much. I wish to be the bestest i can be because i really am very scared a day like that where i have to say goodbye forever to someone close to me comes. I cannot imagine that happening to me and i don't want it to happen! However, i've no control over such things and whatever will be, will be.

The long awaited CCSkye Inspired Bracelets Preorder is here!
Enter HERE.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Am Back

Whuzzzup World!


So i didn't stay away from blogging for 1 week. However, the big horrid issue which started my week is now more or less solved and my boyfriend and i are fine. From that, i learnt that one should not be TOO serious in a relationship sometimes. I won't say being serious is a bad thing, but there are times when it is. Especially times like a...break up. God the pain.

This week...i had my orientation! I was so scared at first...but thank goodness the people i met are all really friendly girls and i don't feel that uncomfortable in school anymore! Also, CAN I SAY SG IS REALLY REALLY DAMN SMALL ONCE AGAIN? It's cool though! The only bad shit is the thought of me not being in the same class as some girls...sigh :( x123186103 Oh Shermin luckily we're taking the same electives.

All in all, school's cool i guess. :)

And...HA HA HA.
Honey, seriously, PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!!!
Ok lah cannot be bitchy and blog, must control and keep things to myself.

Our Tuesdays @ Starbucks/Gelare.

Because waffles are at half price and...

we're cheapsk8 chickz chirp chirp (do chicks chirp or? hahaha).

Socks with sandals!! Hehe funny but i like it very much.

& I suddenly fell in love with flower pins i got a hot pink and white one and cant stop loving it any more! :)

Sorry lah so many pictures of me but this is my blog and it's the only place i can post my pictures so if you dont like too badddddddd :PPPP.

School officially starts on Mon!


My time to enjoy school. (I hope i do!)

Ok kidz, imma go to bed now. Toodles Noodles!

P.S I received a few comments regarding some people copying a para from my post and passing it off as their own. Not 1 but 3 in a week by 3 different individuals (You know who you are!)? It's so weird because my command of english is SO mediocre, no?

Monday, July 14, 2008


Life isn't treating me well.

The SHIT is more or less solved but not TOTALLY solved so yeah...

Going on hiatus till the end of this week. Hopefully by the end of the week, all the bad shit will be gone and i'd start a brand new week with brand new friends in a brand new environment.

At the meantime, do visit this blog for Freda's preloved apparels.

& Twistandkiss will be updated on Wed night with gladiator sandals and CCSkye inspired bracelets!

Ill leave with a lot of pictures from yesterday...before all the drama happened.

We kena kidnapped and got thrown behind a van but still so happy like toads hehe.

Me being me, it's funny how crazy and happy i was before heading to Parkway to face...SHIT.

So happy and tired we sat down in the middle of nowhere and i played with the lighter because UP TILL NOW I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT. Or more like i don't dare to? It's like...i keep thinking i'll get burnt or something haha. I only know how to use the press one lah!

This picture damn funny hahahaha

Sunday, July 13, 2008



If you read it, count yourself lucky? If not, please don't ask me what happened.

It just took me 1 night like that to make me realise that for a year (well, not yet but a month to go) i was foolish to think you were the one for me.

Might go on a hiatus for some time.

Comments disabled.

Friday, July 11, 2008


The vest is the nicest vest i've seen in the longest time. I so want it but it's US$88 from U.O and i cannot afford it (or more like i'm not willing to spend so much on it). Not now. Not anytime soon. :(

Oh and why must Haloscan be such a nuisance to remove the edit posts option! It's making me not want to reply comments because i'd have to change the way i reply it and adapt to the new style of replying all over again.

And and...gosh have you heard the increase of $0.30 taxi fare thing? Why why must the whoever keep increasing taxi fares?! The additional 35% during peak hour shit is making my taxi fares a killer, and the 20 cents increase instead of 10 cents in the past. :( It's only 30cents but still!! !@$!@%!$*!

If you realised,i also edited this post because immediately after i clicked publish post, i decided not to go to BKK but instead save the money up and hopefully turn this $300 to...$500 by investing in my online boutique and i must make sure i choose the stocks CAREFULLY and not any oh how pick out things to make the total reach $300 because i hate excess stocks it's making my kitchen look nothing like a kitchen now urghhhh.

I'd head to BKK in Aug, hopefully with Loverboy and my mom? We'll see!

I'm such a complain queen.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Anyone wants this CCSkye inspired bracelet?
I'm going to do a preorder for it very very soon! Now stop dreaming, you can own one soon! Do come back tomorrow or the day after for the actual picture of the item i'd be taking orders for. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Urgh...Need. To. Shop.

I finally got this skirt altered, was thrifted for $3 believe it or not! (thieves market @ sungei rd)


Click here to view.


(i love the shorts- from an Isetan sale @ Parkway for only $6.90! a lot more prints,do check it out!)

Can someone please give me a tight slap across my face to wake me up and tell me in my face that shopping is not the only way to happiness?!

From last night,ever since the minute i laid my eyes on those high waisted light denim paper bag shorts and the skirt at Mango...i couldn't stop thinking about it! Worst part, it's on a sale for only $44!!! Ok that will be the best part if i actually was allowed to shop but nooooo after those 2 killer shoes, i told myself i musn't shop till the end of this week cus it's seriously draining my bank a/c (and guess what? i just bought a pair of blue contact lens & a denim jacket online...damn)!

It looks like i've been shopping every single day (uh huh...most of the time i dont blog about it but i just realised i have 12 items awaiting to arrive from F21, U.O, Gojane, Urbanog...GAWD)?!?! Like wth. :( I mean, it's good cause i have a lot of stuff to wear but it's not good because it's becoming like a habit? Like i MUST shop or i'll prolly sink into depression or something.

Anyway, about those shorts from Mango, i swear i'm going to go to Parkway during lunch time to get it because i really cannot seem to get it off my mind and when i really feel like that about something, it means i really want it...ok, but it's not like i rarely feel like that about something,i feel like that almost all the time.

I suck. I know. Seriously.

It's sad to be me. Sometimes.

The more i blog, the more people are gonna want to slap my face like literally.

Can't wait for school to start now. Cus i need something to keep me occupied so i'd stop shopping and i hope school has the ability to do so.

Oh shit...but school is kinda near Orchard Rd and i'm so afraid i'll keep going there...Wisma...Topshop...OH NOOOOOOOOO....

Shopping is bad. It's really bad. If you aren't addicted, i pray you wouldn't be. Just look...look what shopping has done to me.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shoes that kill

Because Urbanog is having a sale...
(actually not but Nicolelin has the 15% disc code!)

I just got 2 pairs of shoes which looks like weapons in medieval times...

Awesome aren't they?

Been contemplating for a long time if i should get the first pair but since there's a 15% off and those boots are so one of a kind, it'll be a waste to not get it!

And those knee high gladiators to replace the mid calf ones i can't stop wearing! Ok maybe i only wore it about 5 times but thing is, i have a problem with over wearing my stuff. Must stop having a problem with that because my bank a/c will be left with $xx in no time! And that will suck so bad because school's starting and i won't be able to update Twistandkiss and earn moolah.

And also,actually the more i look at the mid calf gladiators, i'm beginning to dislike it cus IT'S EVERYWHERE if you haven't already realised. Kinda the headband issue. But what can i say, this is Singapore. It's small like that.

Man i hate myself for being such a shopaholic.

I'm going to get killed by my financial advisors, F & D if i reveal this news to them. They so cannot stand my shoes collection.

But then again...i don't think i'll ever stop here. :x

Because on lazy days you can dress down like say, a plain tee with denim shorts and and gladiator sandals will come to the rescue and save you from looking...sloppy?

So shoes are very important you see.

Ok so like, no shopping this WHOLE week.

It looks like mission impossible to go to BKK after seeing how much i've been spending and saving none at all.

Oh well.....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Day

My favourite pair of shorts finally gets to go out! Lucky me got it from quite some time back.

So i guess i'm done here, ta!