Sunday, August 31, 2008

Looking for

Thinking of looking for a professional web designer who can help me design!

Turn my horribly unprofessional looking site to something like...

Free People's





Not sure how much it'll cost though...

Anyone will do (don't have to be some famous web designer), students preferred - so i dont have to pay SO much.

Feel free to quote me a reasonable price. I'd also like to see your portfolio, if possible! :)

Email me at

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Enjoying work.

A. Lot.

The boss is nice, the people around are nice...what more can i ask for? Free & easy-just the way i like it.

I don't mind working everyday! Really! This is like the first time not complaining.

I can totally see myself setting a shop here at haji. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gossip Girl

Have been waiting for Season 2 of GG for the longest time!!

Found this...

Just a small part of Ep1.

What a waste, some stupid password needed to view the full episode. :(

Have to wait...again...but good things are worth waiting for!!

And for those who want to read more about Season 2 Episode 1, here's some spoilers!!

Times like these, i wish time would go faster! But then's not like it's not fast already. It's scary how fast time flew this year.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Opposites Attract

I know why they say opposites attract...

Our eyes are perfect examples.

The pupils...

camp blues.

i'll be heading to camp now, you take care and be good these few days ya? xoxo.

Multiply it by infinity, take it to the depths of forever and you'll still only have a glimpse of how much I love you.


Monday, August 25, 2008

In My Closet

Starting work on Fri. Very very excited! At the same time, scared. Very scared.

The shop's gonna be...

Filled with those mat guys...


Hope it's enjoyable working there. Cus it's just so hard to find a job now...the poly people are having their holidays so it'll mean competition in getting a job! So i hope i won't quit this job. Think positive... it's opposite Pluck. That means ice cream every day! Ok maybe not a very good idea. Also, it's near Vict. Jomo = great company (think shermin, joy, car, ger..etc...!!!). Awesummmmm.

I have updated Twistandkiss!

Enter (here).


Random pic from 2 nights ago...

My boyfriend and i are such pigs! Was supposed to be a day out but ended up sleeping after mac breakfast at my place. Then headed over to his after lunch at the market to wait for him to get ready but i fell into a deep sleep & didnt wanna wake up till late. So it was a day wasted by just eating and sleeping...Just had macs for dinner and it's 1.30am and time to sleep. NEED 2 EXERCISE ASAP!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Jovene, Me, Freda, Donna & Christelle.

Yesterday, went down to Zouk for a fashion show with couple of friends modelling. Looking at those pretty dresses made me wish i knew how to sew. I know i can learn that in school if i stayed longer... but because i hate the theoretical stuff...

Anyway, after the show ended, everything kinda sucked because we couldn't find any way to go into phuture because it just wasn't possible for anyone to sign the 9 of us (possibly more) in. Never mind soooo looking forward to Baybeats & maybe to party after that woohoo!! :)

Today, out for dinner at Astons with my favourite girls! Am very very very happy because finally...:)

My beloved camera's still with Freda though. :( Can't believe i asked her to bring out my stuff today and she ended up forgetting to return it to me despite complaining about the weight of her bag with all my stuff.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

damn, i'm emo-nemoing. i love you la, silly girl. please dont leave me for any hot guy, alright you asswipe? and i came across this quote and i think it's rather meaningful,

it is much easier to suppress a first desire than to satisfy those that follow.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Face Lifting Cream

The knock on my head (was sitting up and attempted to lie down without looking back to check the distance from my head to the wall and ended up knocking my head real hard against the wall) 3 days ago left me with a bad headache. Only went to see the doctor today and as expected, doc gave me pain killers. So predictable.

I hope the pain goes away tomorrow. Please. I pray it wouldn't turn out to be some damage to my skull brain whatsoever!!

So for a week, i've been religiously applying my Bio Essence Face Lifting Cream.

Bought it because the advertisement made it seem so...instant and who doesnt love instant results!

But then again...never believe what you see on TV, the internet...yada yada... still someone who believes all of that. Very easy to con me!

Hoping my face will turn from this to









I even bought a nose clipper from Sasa because i want to have a nice & sharp nose!!! However, the boyfriend and mother think i look extremely silly with the clip on my nose and they always go "If it works, then why do people have to go for plastic surgery?" then i'm always like "OH YA HOR...".

Still, rather spend $14 on some dumb nose clip than go spend a few ks on surgery = a lot of pain. If you don't try, you won't know!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lace Ups

This pair of lace ups cost me close to $70 (with shipping included) from
However it's unique so i guess it's worth it but the quality is lousier than i thought, so doesn't look like it's worth $70.

Anyhow! I had to go to school to hand in a letter and after that met the NAFA girls for a good 1 hour. :) Made me miss school so much! Can secretly sneak into combined class with them to make noise pollution hehe. That is if i can get through the tight security...the indian lady's sure to ask for a pass and i've no more pass me is nafa student no more. :(:(

On a side note,am glad i don't have to face the stress they're facing! Can't wait till they're free from all the homework. SLUMBER PARTY SOON!!! :)

My mum's extremely cranky today for god knows what reason. Very Annoyed.

Heading to siglap to chill in a while. WAFFLES @ HALF PRICE WOOHOO!!

Click (here) to view the collection! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Fact #1

Credits: x
If only the weather in Singapore wasn't so hot, if only i didn't perspire so easily, if only i had all the time in the world, i'd choose walking over taking a bus/MRT train (hate public transport). Anytime. It helps you burn a lot of calories too!

That is...if i dont ever get to own a car.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


"Life in Pink"
Had this is mind for quite some time already. Finally decided to spend my last $100 for the week on it. Making me very broke now. (L) it.

Someone spread his lao sai disease to me *sigh* PO CHAI PILLS TO THE RESCUE!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


So yesterday i met my NAFA girlfriends to partyyyy!

Ahh I'm damn happy to see them! But not all of them could come down last night :( Nvm, soooooon ill see em all! :)

Finally settled down at M.O.S

What started off as a great night ended very badly because my qt Shermin lost her phone and i suspect it must be that guy beside me rahddajdkanlcayuwgq. Hoping that the next time we party in 2 weeks time nothing bad will happen and all will be able to go party together!

I LUV U GIRLS 2 BITXZ SORRY I HAD TO LEAVE SCH :(:(:( Btw my camera is with sherm so ask her for the pictures!! :)

Ok suuuuper restless today!
No mood to type.
Oh is my Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream working!?!?! Hahaha ok man i don't think so but maybe if i use it for another week i'll be able to see visible results!! I hope it works i h8 my fat face to the coreeeeeeee.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Yay i luv my Dr Martens!!:)

Received quite a few comments regarding the photobucket bandwidth exceed. It's more or less solved already, i hope? I just paid for a pro account! :)

Here's a new collection for ya'll!


And also, thank you all for the kind comments/emails/smses! I really hope i'll succeed though i know it's really going to be very tough but it's my dream and i gave up my studies to pursue to dreeeeam that shows how much i really really want to make that dream come true! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've just made a very important decision. Important because it concerns my future. It is a stupid decision to many people who don't know me or understand me. In life, you've to take risks. You either succeed or fail. If i fail, let this failure teach me a lesson.

My mum, unlike many parents out there, is supportive of whatever decision i make. Which made me very touched because my mum really thinks highly of me so i really mustnt let her down!! She said she allows me to make this decision because she, like me, sees no point of me doing something without being able to put my whole heart into it. Also, she said my future=her future so her allowing me to make this decision means she knows i can make it! However, then again, there's no confirm gurantee chop chop so let's just pray hard everything goes well. :)
So for now, till next year, i'll be doing a whole lot of market surveys (by shopping,shopping & more shopping!) and yup, working at different places

About the fees i paid, sigh....what a pity to see that amount of money fly away.
Oh well!!!

And the school mates i've to do without now...I feel like crying! Especially when Shermin said i'm missed by them girls and it feels weird not having me around like...AHHH!!! THAT was the HARDEST part of leaving school. But we are meeting to party hard the end of this week yes? I. CANNOT. EFFING. WAIT.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Red & White Party

More can be found at the Youthempire's Facebook a/c!
& also, here.

So yesterday marked our first anniversary! It's funny how we were in the same school for 3 years but never once exchanged any word or even meet each other's eye. Sometimes i wonder...why me? Why? His ex-girlfriends are only the hottest and everyone knows that i'm nothing compared to them. Seriously. So like, i always think he's not serious with me...But only after we crossed the 1 year mark, i realised he can he not be serious after all he's done for me?

Maybe it's not the looks, i'm not very blessed in that department, but the chemistry we both have.

From the first day we met, i just knew we'd be together. I don't's like i never felt any more comfortable with any one else before.

The place we always met up at the start of the r/ship :)

Woohooo! High up in the skyyyyyyyy i can see your house!

Yeah, just a pen!! :) Got it from a push cart at bugis for $8?

Buffet! Ate so much it was like eating my upcoming 3 days meal in advance!

So many memorable things happened today. I'm glad you liked my surprise but of course, it's nothing compared to what you did!
I love whatever you did, all the gifts...every little bit of today!

I hope this lasts...i really hope it does. You can be such a sucker sometimes. But i really hope after every quarrel you'll learn from your mistakes and try not to do it again. It's hard, i know, but if you really love me, try.

And yup, that basically sums up yesterday and 2 days ago! :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

happy 1 years anniversary!

heehaw. its daryl and hacking at its best again.
babygirl, happy 1 year man. i know from the start you didn't think we'd even pass 6 months, but then again we proved each other wrong ha! i just love the way you love me. and thank you for tolerating my nonsense throughout all these while. you know babygirl that no matter what, i'll always be here with you yes?

here's a poem from me to you,

i wont marry someone i can live with,


i'll marry someone who i cannot live without.




My boyfriend is an such an asswipe but yipee we made it we made it! This is the first time i ever stayed in a relationship for 1 year (because my ex-boyfriends are all...jerks, a bunch of heartbreakers-seriously)! Time really flies man. It's gonna be soooo exciting with me surprising the boy in the afternoon and getting my surprise from him @ night. Next post will be super image heavy because i just took a shit load of pictures during the party (which i must say was not bad at all!) and i'm pretty damn sure we'll be taking a lot of photos tomorrow (daryl cannot stop reminding me to charge the batteries for my cam)! :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

About Red White Party

About tomorrow's National Day Party...

It's at a beautiful bungalow (went to check the place out today!), Action Theatre located at 42 Waterloo Street!

It's at the lane in between The Coffee Bean & Singapore Arts Museum (there's DOME there) opposite SMU!
Nearest MRT Station: Bugis,City Hall, Dhoby Ghaut! :)

If you need tickets, contact 93849994!

See you there! It's gonna be soooo fun i'm very excited hehehe.


Got a call from ______ regarding issues with ******.

None of my business but i really feel so unfair for _____!!

I cannot believe how some people's mind work...i mean like, it doesn't mean that if you dislike someone, the whole world will/must dislike the person as well? It doesn't mean _____ is friends with me, that means she's a bad 2-faced bitch. It means she's like neutral because i don't have any shit with her. FYI, unlike you, i don't tell all my friends to dislike someone i dislike -.- Plain child-like mindset you've got there. Seriously. Moreover, _____ has never bitched about you to me. Guess you just lost a good friend just because she doesn't share the same view as you over just 1 single issue? That goes to show what a true friend you really are and how much you treasure your friends...

Also don't know how accurate this source is but, heard you hate your friends being prettier than you? Gosh!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blue Eyes

Yay me got blue eyes!!!!

Enter HERE!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Picture post!

Greetings from Fat Face!

Here's an image heavy post!!

Evelyn! Super pretty girl:)

Wendy & Louisa!

Lulu & Shermin :)


Sofiiiiie - Super cute.

Michelle & Evelyn!

Charlene :)

Don't you realise i look....different?

Because my eyebrow piercing's gone and so are my extensions! Added a couple of blue, blonde and light green streaks (this was not intended! i think the lady accidentally mistook the blonde for it) in. SO AH LIAN. And i hate straight hair. My hair looks so rebonded now. Hate it. Want to curl it but the stupid hair dresser wasn't willing to curl it for me that day when i had a lot to spend..:( Now my money's gone to shopping on ebay. I spent $185 on it just last night. On 2 items only. Leggings + Shoes...:( The shipping to SGP's a killer. I wish i was living in the states somehow.

Since the day school started till now, i've been eating 3 full meals every single day with NO exercise at all. I also snack a lot in between these 3 full meals. If this goes on, i'm going to look so much like an elephant in no time. Well, not like i don't look like one already,maybe a mini one like Dumbo...

soon it'll be like African Elephant!!!! Ok i totally googled that...i have no idea which elephant's the biggest in the world but now i know!