Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 18

Reply all the emails. CHECK.
Talk to Vannessa at Soon Lee. CHECK.
Talk to Vanessa at Loft. CHECK.
Walk opposite to admire the MJ wallet. Again. CHECK.
Clean the windows. CHECK.
Mop the floor. CHECK.

Am very bored now!!!

Now i've nothing to do but stuff myself with wang wangs & wash it down with apple juice...

Stuffing myself with wang wangs = Strict and healthy diet...


So disappointed lah!

I shouldn't step into any shop selling food because i'm sure to walk out with something...

I should bring more things to do tomorrow. Maybe bring fabrics and attempt to do the skirt Vannessa taught me to do...HAND SEWN. And maybe on her next working day i'll bring the materials needed to teach her how to do the skirt my way (which is more complicating...). Weird that i know how to do it the complicating way and not the simple way. Quite stupid lah.

Oh! Just now someone super duper sweet dropped by and gave me a slice of cake (low fat!!!). I WAS SO SHOCKED & HAPPY I JUMPED OFF MY SEAT AND GAVE HER A HUG. YOU ARE SO DAMN SWEET, C!!! I am so touched!

Waiting for Christelle now...hopefully she's coming!!

Trying my very best not to visit online stores now that's why i've nothing to do...



This is also a reminder to all those who forgot today's Tue and you've to watch GG!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Random Fact

I've something interesting to share....

Shorter workouts are the way ahead for those seeking rapid results.
Why? Longer workouts can actually cause your body to hang on to its bodyfat stores.

I know. It seems totally counter-intuitive. Backwards logic.
But it's true.
Here's how: When you overtrain by working out too long your body can
overproduce a hormone called cortisol. You may remember cortisol from
those cheesy commercials a few years back. The supplement sharks
tried to rip us all off with "coritsol-lowering" pills.


All you need to do is chill out a bit and workout less frequently. Frequent
workouts, especially long workouts, increase cortisol like you wouldn't
believe. And cortisol does in fact cause your body to want to hang on to
that stubborn belly-fat. Even worse, cortisol tends to increase muscle
catabolism. That means your body is snacking on the very thing you
need more of in order to stay lean: muscle.

Not a good combo is it?
Cortisol is just one of the many bodily responses to over-stress caused in
part by over-exercise.

(Source: Unknown. H found this from the net & sent it to me....Thanks!!)

Walau...exercise also can become fat...don't exercise also fat!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 16

Today i didn't get to exercise cus i had to rush to work...

and i don't think i'd be able to for the next few weeks because i'd be working full time!

That means i've to watch my diet and try to refrain myself from buying lotsa snacks to work.


That aside...

There's something bothering me.

Have you ever envied other people's friendship?

Everything's so different now...it's like i don't even feel important in their lives anymore. I wish they would take the initiative to pay me a visit at work without me asking them to......because from now on, i'd be working full time and there'll not be much time for us to go out.

But maybe i'm just too paranoid...

or jealous that other people have their friends visiting them.

I must realise one is busy with the Os, another with her boy and another with assignments?

Must. Stop. Thinking. So. Much.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

See U Tmr, Lappie

Am going to leave my laptop here at my work place since i've work tomorrow and i wanna go out later!!

So that means i'll have to do without a laptop at night (desktop still down!). Afraid i won't be able to fall asleep...

But thank god for the sleeping pills the boy got me! Shall pop 2 and then tuck myself into bed...

Wake me up when september ends!

(ok or maybe not...)


Oh by the way, am going to delete EVERY SINGLE comment that's not pleasant to my eyes from now onwards (ive said this before but sometimes i decide to accept a few...but now...cannot take it anymore lah!). Would not even bother replying them cause it really affects my mood and if i receive a horrible comment everyday, my mood would be ruined everyday and no THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN!! Shall not even entertain it and move it to the trash!!! 

So losers out there, if you still want to live in the past in idolize _____ and think that i too, idolize her...YOU SHOULD GROW UP SERIOUSLY. To those who want to think that i'm some copy cat with no sense of originality just because i visit lookbook...GO & DIE (ok i so wanted to say something way mean but noooooo must control myself). 

Oh btw, if you think YOU are original, then i am truly amazed because i can say, no one can be...everyone's inspired by everyone/everything...And clothes (make that affordable clothes) bought off the racks are mostly mass produced so you just cannot be "original" unless you have the ability to design and make clothes on your own (with NO inspiration at all....a top cant look like a top in this case...but it's still a top!).

Come on kiddos...

What do you get by flaming me and leaving insults at the comment box? 

Ok i know your ultimate goal is to annoy me to a point i delete my whole blog but darling, that will never happen!! 

So please, can you just leave me alone and let me do my thing!! If you're sooo unhappy with me, i really don't know what i can do man...

Maybe you can send me an email/facebook msg/friendster msg...revealing your true identity and i will definitely entertain you that way! Cannot stand losers who only dare hurl insults at people behind the comp screen...seriously...if you dislike someone so much, why would you be scared to let the person know who you are? 

Whoa....ok that's pretty long...i wanted to just put a short message across but whoa...yes...

Day 15

What i'm wearing (now)!

Long Tank: Topshop
Lame Leggings: Ebay.com
Flower & Feather Brooch:F21
Bag: Miumiu

Doing a great job saving money and resisting the temptation of online shopping.

I just add things into the cart every now and then and try my very best not to click Check Out.

Continue doing this for another week or so and i'll be able to save $1xxx! That means i can go shop like mad at a go OR GO TO BANGKOK! Will most probably go with the latter...

SO excited!

My diet plan went pretty smoothly yesterday! I had maggie goreng for brunch...and then came dinner time, i had hello panda, yoghurt and a piece of toast when i got home. Oh and a lot of fruits! I eat a variety of fruits every night because i need to snack on something whenever i watch tv and my mum too, so she never fails to cut fruits!

Went for 45 min brisk walk/jog this morning! Ate an egg for breakfast and will have lunch in a while with Shuting (oh i'm at work now btw)! She went to buy me juice so if i'm hungry after lunch, i shall not snack but drink juice to keep me full! :)

It's already half a month and some people can see a change in my size (but i can't seem to) and i'm hoping that after a whole month, i can see an obvious difference!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 14

When i woke up yesterday morning, the first thing i did was to GO COOK MY KOREAN MAGGIE MEE AND IT WAS GOOOOOOOD!!

It was such a huge serving so it lasted till 4pm and i had a large pack of tao kae noi(sigh i cannot stop it...i eat it almost everyday and didnt blog abt it because i saw it as HEALTHY GOOD CUS ITS SEAWEED AND SEAWEED IS VEG...till i turned to the back and counted the calories...god...NO WONDER I LOOK LIKE THIS!) and cookies for tea time. Dinner was wan ton mee and my fav milk tea.

URGH WHAT HAPPENED TO "Must be strict tomorrow"...

I ALSO WENT FOR A JOG FOR ABOUT 30 MIN...I wanted to go longer but the sun...STUPID WEATHER. Think im 2 shades darker now after all that swimming and jogging...


Heard there's this surgery (whatever it's called) to make you fair? I want!!

Oh speaking about surgery,i cannot believe how the girl i have a major crush on,the girl i would die to look like...looked like last time.

I knew angelababy had surgery but like i always thought...HOW DIFF CAN SHE LOOK?

Then yesterday, during my free time, i decided to look for her before surgery pictures and i swear i got a shock of my life ok!!!

This is angelababy now!

(all pictures taken from her blog)

And believe it or not...

This was how she looked like before surgery...

(credits: xxxxx)


If you can afford plastic surgery...would you go for it?

***P.S I received a couple of comments saying angelababy didnt do any surgery?
I assumed she did because i was led to that chinese forum from a forum talking about plastic surgery (and her pictures from the past)...and because i cannot read chinese,ive no idea what the whole thread in chinese was about. Ok but then again, i really am not sure which forum's giving the right info and which isn't! You can never believe what you see/read on the net! But whatever it is, i still love angelababy!!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 13

I went for a brisk walk and jog in the morning for about 45 min!

Breakfast: 2 chocolate cookies
Before Lunch: Auntie Anne's Pretzel Dog (and it was gooooood!)
Lunch: Steamboat!!
Dinner: Snacked on Tao Kae Noi and a plate of mixed fruits

So i ate normally...or maybe a lil more than your usual normal meals for a day but yeahhhh....i did exercise what!

Tomorrow i shall be stricter!

I'll have the korean maggie mee i bought from the seoul mart! Was sooooo tempted to have it for supper tonight but NO!!!!!!!

Hopefully i'll not be lazy to go jogging/walking tomorrow morning! Initially, the plan was to go for a morning swim...but unfortunately, the time of the month is here...yeah you know!! THAT SUCKS cus i think swimming is really effective (thank you the one who recommended swimming!).

Boyfriend was sucha sweet tart yesterday night (well not only yesterday but...all the time!), he came all the way to my place just to drop off a cup of my fav bubble tea to make my day a lil better(cus i was busy doing the pictures for Twistandkiss nearly the whole day)!

How'd you feel if you wanted your boyfriend to help you with your business(and he will also be earning way more than what his current boss is paying him) but he refuses because he says you'll look down on him?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008



(+++biker chick leather vest, layer of colors party dress, white kimono embroidery...and many more!)

Visit the store now!

Today, i received my 2nd "you lost weight!"!!

And can i say it felt damn good?! Felt proud of myself! I WANT MORE.

I guess exercising made me build muscles and thus the weight gain? I'm hoping it's that way!

So anyway, my first compliment (yes to me it is!) was on Fri...but then Friend 2 was like "Nah...she looks the same!".

Then today, i saw Friend 2 and she was like "Omg i really think you lost weight! What did you do? Stress ah?".

I am not close to those 2 friends and hardly see them (maybe once in a week or 2)..and when you hardly see someone, they can tell the changes better?

Kinda motivated to continue with my diet plan so i will resume tomorrow! Till results get more obvious (but i am aiming to be more toned instead of stick thin now!). :)

Woohoo go me!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Draped One Shoulder Top - Selling!

For Sale:

Draped One Shoulder Top from Forever21
Details: x

Tagged S
Fits UK6-10

Selling because i look weird in a toga! It's a pretty piece though! Love the draped detail.

Paid almost SGD$38+ for it (because of Intl Shipping...).
Selling at a loss at SGD$35 inclusive of Normal Postage.

Email tastelikekisses_@hotmail.com if interested!


I've been having sleeping difficulties for the past few days and sleep only 2-4 hours a day which resulted in pimple invasion, puffiness in my face and the worst of all...


I really have absolutely NO idea how that's possible!!!! OK, so i've been eating normally but i'm not over-eating and i exercise a lot! It is super depressing...my self esteem's getting lower and lower...

My body is pretty screwed now.


Am supposed to be doing postage (i'm sorry to keep you girls waiting!!) and do a Twistandkiss collection but i think i should give myself a break today because i feel a fever coming...

I hope all will be good soon.

Will discontinue my diet diary...until i get my energy and motivation back.

Remember just on 17th Sep i said i wanna order a 2nd batch of F21 stuff?

And i did and guess what?!?!?!


Is F21's Intl Shipping fast or.....FAST?

Morever it's coming from the US and not local!

Imma happy kid!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 12

I am sooo tired and sleepy now...and it's only 8.30pm.

Woke up at 6.30am for a morning swim with Freda! I am so glad we managed to wake up and we swam for an hour non-stop.

Had breakfast and i had my tang hoon soup and coffee. Also shared a bowl of lor mee. URGH I CANNOT RESIST GOOD FOOD WHEN I'M WITH MY FRIENDS.

I even snacked on some durian corn chips and pop pop...

Then came dinner...it was HORRIBLE. We had fried bee hoon with fried fish cake, 8 mini cream puffs, glutinous rice, popiah, tori Q and bubble tea.



So we promised ourselves to stay away from meat and junk food tomorrow. Which i am pretty sure i'd be able to because i've to start work at 11am (some photography thing) and then after that rush to haji...I shall pack healthy sandwiches and bring juice!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 11

I'm happy!! I ordered another batch of items worth US$197 from Forever21 again!!! Also ordered a tee from bloodisthenewblack and i can't believe i got my first tee from queens couture for about $2x more. I am contemplating a gucci or supreme cap now...hmm...

OK today instead of jogging, i decided to walk 4km since people say walking is better?

Morning: Yogurt
Lunch: Healthy kway teow soup with 5 chilli padis!! I am chilli addict hehe.
Dinner: Preserved veg+steamed chicken with rice and.....carrot cake:(:( i was craving for it for days what...

Bought a tea called "Fruity tea" (lazy to check the actual name...sthng along that line lah!) which will help you detox? According to freda who read it from "mind your body". Hope it helps! :)

I went to get my external flash for this photography job on Sat! Super excited! Aiming for fish eye lens now! Actually i can get it,but just not willing to spend on camera stuff...not now...

It sucks that i can't upload my pictures directly to my laptop.

Have to use my mother's desktop and transfer it to a thumbdrive which is sooo troublesome!

Need to fix my desktop.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008



With so many new blog shops coming up...we've got so many more choices to shop at!

However...we've to be very very careful about scammers.

Have you heard of the recent love-culture issue?
Apparently, the owner of love-culture puts up some rather attractive items at very unbelievably low prices and sends out invoices with other people's a/c number in an attempt to frame the recipient of the $ up...

That is really VERY stupid because what will she gain?

Nothing but trouble...

So beware girls!

Here's a safe site which you can shop at!


Spotted a couple of similar (to Twistandkiss's) items at her site!

I know how many of you are disappointed when you don't receive any invoice from me because the item is either sold out or pending...

However...you can now visit dadigirl to see if she has the item which is sold out at my site!

Her prices are also very reasonable!

Here's a preview of a couple of items i spotted at her site which i personally think you people will be interested in!

So what are you waiting for!

Visit dadigirl now! :)

Day 10

My fav pictures!!

I just gobbled 4 sausages (i cannot resist it...it's one of my many fav food!!) and a piece of toast for breakfast(the most important meal of the day!) while watching GG on bed...it better keep me full till dinner time!

This was the mentioned package i received VERY quickly from F21 (took only around 6 days if im not wrong!)! Woohoo mine...all mine!!!

I'm thinking of ordering another batch tomorrow. Have a couple of things in the basket ready for me to check out!

After seeing so many comments asking me NOT to get the chanel stockings (:(:(:()...i decided to spend the $ on CLOTHES AND MORE CLOTHES. A girl can never have enough clothes! And bags. And shoes. Right?? Haha.

I'd be able to save the rest! Which is something i can never seem to do...but i will try! Maybe create another a/c and make sure i don't touch a single cent in that a/c. Brilliant.

Will update this page at the end of the day...

Hopefully i won't end up complaining about how much i ate...

Day 9

Finally....i'm free! Still have another 30 emails to clear before i can sleep. It's been a really long day!

I woke up early to go for a jog with my mum! Mum signed up for yoga classes and i really feel like taking it up...should i? Will i be able to lose weight doing yoga? Hehe.

I've also done my extensions again! I love it! I can't wait for my real hair to grow this long. My hair stopped growing for about 1 mth, i think?

Oh regarding the Kaypogirl blogging about me...i am aware of that blog and well...all i can say is...some people really have all the time in the world huh.

But i'm really not affected by it. Different people see things from different views!

When you have people liking you...you're bound to have people hating you too?

So yeah...i cannot expect the world to love me. I'm not perfect after all!

Wish me luck on tomorrow's diet plan...usually screw it when i'm free and have nothing to do...

I was busy the whole day so i only managed to have 1 meal...but tomorrow...oh noo...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Chanel Two Tone Stockings

I've been working so hard recently and i haven't really bought anything expensive (like above $500 on a single item)...

and now that i've the $...

I am thinking of...

I lusted after these the moment i saw them!!

Checked with the boutique and they said it's going to be here in SG in a few weeks time and will be like..$6xx. Price tag's quite crazy for stockings...




How now brown cow?


Day 8

Twistandkiss has uhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifpdated!

Collection #48
- click to view!


Today's a pretty awesome day!

Have advertorials coming in!! = $$$ = SHOPPING!!


Diet going pretty well! It's about 5pm and all i had was a cup of milo, 2 sausages and pomelo (is this the right sp?)! Thinking of going for a jog after this entry.

I think i lost 1 kg already? Ok not sure but i hope the weighing machine didn't lie to me when i took my weight just an hour ago.

Am going to put extensions tomorrow! I miss the feeling of having super long hairrrr.

Can my day get any better?!?!

Just when i was about to go jogging, Mr Postman came with my big box of Forever 21 stuff i got last week! Whoaaaaa...was it fast or...fast?!?! F21 international shipping rox my sox (though its really quite pricey)!!

Not sure if i wanna go for a jog already...i feel like trying my stuff! Haha.

Rave Salon

So last Friday, i did my hair!

Last week, the boss of Rave Salon, Tommy, contacted me and asked me to help him do an advertorial because someone who reads my blog told him about my blog (thank you whoever you are!!:)). A few days later,he sms-ed me and then he realised he actually knows me! Then i also realised that he so happens to be my boss 2 years ago...when i was selling xmas cards! Oh and 2 years back he also told me his dream is to open a salon and well...now, 2 years later, he did!

Dreams do come true!


I really didnt know what to do with my hair...

Since i was sooo sick of my straight hair, i decided to perm it!

Look like my real hair right!! Hahaha!

Though the result isn't great (no it's not their fault...it's my hair!!)...i am very very satisfied with the service!

Ok, wait, i'll explain why the result isn't great first!

Well...i bleached my hair once, and my hair is kinda short...so since i did curls starting from halfway and not from my roots, the curls aren't obvious at all..and my hair cant really absorb the chemical to make it curl because it's damaged by bleaching. I REGRET BLEACHING MY HAIR!

Now...to the service part!

I really like the people working there because they really try to make me feel as comfortable as possible like offering my drinks and talking to me...though in chinese...which i really cannot make it so i hardly spoke...just kept smiling and trying to understand what they're saying.

The lady who did my hair, Janet, is extremely friendly and very gentle with my hair! I cannot stand those who aren't gentle with it...hateeeee my hair being pulled and treated very roughly.

There were quite a lot of students walking in throughout the 3 hours i was there! Why? Because there were like....maybe 10 other salons around and Rave Salon just opened around July!

The prices are pretty reasonable too!

Of course you shouldn't compare it with salons like Toni and Guy or KR+...because those are the really ATAS kinda salon. So for teenagers like you & i, who don't wanna spend a bomb on our hair but still want to have nice hair + a pleasant experience...head to Rave Salon!

Oh and another reason why you should do your hair there?

Anyone reading this get to enjoy 5% off!!! How awesome is that!!! Just look for Tommy, and tell him you read my blog! :)

Rave Salon is located at Far East Plaza, #04-02.
Go up by the lift near Subway (which is near This Fashion)!

You can call 67343320 for the price range or if you have any enquiries!

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri 11am-9pm
Sat/Sun/Public Holidays 11am-8pm

Day 7

Diet plan going DOWNNNNNNNNNN.

However...tomorrow will be successful. I'm pretty sure...

Because i've to update Twistandkiss = BUSY = Keep my mind off food!!!

For today...and the past 2 days...i shall just take it as a small break...


I suck at this whole losing weight thing man seriously................

This post is so dotty.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 5 & 6

This is the leather jacket i was talking about previously!!!

I did my hair if you realised (will complete my advertorial post on it tomorrow if i've time!)!

Was too busy to blog yesterday so since now i'm at work and it's really quiet, i shall blog about yesterday now!

Yesterday i totally gave myself a break from the losing weight thingy cus it was supposed to be an enjoyable date with the boyfriend and i didn't wanna ruin all the fun by being all weight conscious (hate watching ppl eat good food and not have any!)!

The worst thing was eating a whole moon cake the night before. I love moon cakes! Hate how i cannot refrain myself from taking a bite when i see it in front of me...and once i start, i cannot stop...


Oh well...whatever is done is done!

Not exercising for 2 days straight and eating normally (=3 full and proper meals a day) sucks...

Cus that means no weight loss at all.

Oh well...since ive no time to exercise today and tomorrow, gotta be wise to choose the right food for today and tomorrow!

Wish my luck. It's only about a week or so. I lost 1kg the day before yesterday, but gained it back again in just one day...which SUCKS. I lose weight and gain weight very easily...

This morning...


LOL HE LOOKS LIKE AN AUNTIE IN MY ZEBRA TEE! I woke up laughing to myself non-stop!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 4

Seeing strappy gladiator sandals EVERYWHERE?

Try something new!

Click here to view the sandals! :)

Credits: x

It's been 4 days since the girl sent my items out but it still isn't here. I'm extremely worried because i spent close to $60 on it and i really really love the vest so much! I hope it isn't a case of lost mail. Sigh...i usually opt for registered postage but this time...stupid me decided to TRY normal postage since it was successful the previous time. I really trust this spree organizer so yeah..she shouldve sent it out. All i can do now is to pray damn hard singpost is just SLOW or maybe she wrote the wrong add and it'll be sent back to her...

I should really really stop trusting normal postage because i think ive lost close to $300 worth of items through normal postage.

The worst thing is losing item(s) from a spree! Like, you wait close to 3 weeks and then you don't even get the item(s) at the end of the wait. :(

For today, i had 2 pieces of peanut butter bread for breakfast and tom yum maggie mee with 5 chilli padis (i love chilli!!!) for lunch! Intending to have ba chor mee from opposite for dinner!

Eating normally today!! Oh btw, does chilli make you lose weight or gain? I love chilli and i must have almost everything with chilli!

Ran 4km! I wanted to stop at 2.4km but when i walked and looked down at my thighs, it was all jiggly wiggly so then i just told myself "This must go!!!!!" and i continued jogging! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 3

Twistandkiss Update #47!

Click "Latest Collection" to view!

By the time i woke up...the sun was scorching hot and so that = can't go jogging. Or more like i don't want to because i don't wanna get tanner.

It's 4:19pm and all i had for the day was a cup of hot milo! I was too busy with Twistandkiss and totally forgot about lunch! I love being busy!! :)

However...i just ate quite a lot for dinner...

Irresistable sambal stingray and kang kong!! Finished my rice too!! :( Sigh. So much for being happy i didn't have lunch. Now it's as good as having 2 meals today.

I did exercise though! I was reading all my comments and there were a few people who said swimming works so...i went swimming! For about 40 mins only though..well...at least i swam!

I hope i'll be able to wake up early to go for a morning jog tomorrow! I still feel that jogging's the most effective way to losing weight though some said it'll make my calf muscles even bigger soo....idk if i should jog everyday! OH but why do long distance runners always have such thin legs?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 2

Check out Lulu's Hells Bells Leggings!!! Jealous much!!

We just had to do it the avril way while seeing an avril song! HAHA.


Oh yes i am, i am...hahaha!

Today didnt go too well...

I ate a lot for someone who's suppose to be losing weight. Had a bowl of healthy bee hoon soup and wanted to just stop there and not snack on anything but...sadly...i was tempted by Famous Amos and got 100g of cookies. Then the girls and i went to KBOX! Didn't know they serve food. Deep Fried Food. It was just in front of me to eat...so i did. Sinful.

Anyway, I've always seen KBOX as a "cheena paradise" and never bothered to actually go there but guess what? It really isn't that bad! There's quite a lot english songs to sing to! It's my first time karaoke-ing and i'm sure it won't be my last! I enjoyed myself sooo much! Oh and i had ice cream too. SIGH.

I did exercise today though! I went jogging! The most effective way to losing weight the right way! I ran 10 rounds = 4km. Of course i did stop...i'm no athlete! Since my diet planned totally FAILED today, i shall go jogging tomorrow morning as well to make up for what i did today.

I better watch my diet tomorrow...