Thursday, October 30, 2008

What The...?

Someone left this link at my comment box and this is funny...

Why do i see my face everywhere on that page together with people i don't even know?!
Who look like they're prolly 3 years younger than me?

I wasn't intending to blog..not until Sat when i come back with pictures from tomorrow night (Halloween!!).

But i just cannot help it!!

Anyway...i spent my day at work doing an exposed zipper bandage skirt as seen in Topshop. Which is something almost everyone can do (if you know how to sew).

And of course i managed to do it.

It looked so good.

BUT...I'm always ruining things.

I decided to shorten it. So i cut it shorter without measuring or drawing a line to make sure i cut in a straight line.

If you know me...I CAN NEVER CUT IN A STRAIGHT LINE. Or even draw a straight line free handedly.

Smart Alec me decided to cut it thinking i'll succeed this time (when never once in my 17 years of living have i succeed in cutting in a straight line)...

Short was way too short. Skirt couldn't be saved!!

All my hardwork gone to waste just like that.


Thank goodness i've like extra cloth to do another.Please, let it be a success!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Preview of Collection #53 for Twistandkiss,

Click (here).

Ever since the Canon contest thingy i've been getting hate tags every single day?! It's been almost 4 days and those people cannot seem to stop!!

Well...i'm gonna say this again...
I will not accept your downright stupid & senseless comments!

Call me a loser but...look who's the BIGGER loser? SOULJA BOY SAYS "YOU!!!!!!!"

I think i'm slowly getting immune to hate tags... It doesn't really make me angry or sad anymore! :)

Maybe...a lil irritated (if not then why do i even bother blogging about it) because i have feelings...

But that feeling lasts no more than 5 mins!!

It was easy to make me angry in the past when i didn't know how to handle things well and would get all depressed and moody the whole day over (-) comments but NOT NOW, NOT ANYMORE. :)

Oh and don't bother asking me to stop blogging because FOR YOU I MOST DEFINITELY WON'T!!!

So anyhowz, i think...


I cannot find anything to blog about because i hardly go out (other than clubbing after work). All i do is work, work & work!!! And i'll have to do this until Jan...

In Jan, something exciting is going to happen and i am not going to tell anyone (k, besides my close friends & mother) YET!

For now, my aim is to SAVE A LOT A LOT OF MONEY!

Ever since i came back from my trip, I DID NOT SHOP! Ok maybe i did...BUT I SPENT NO MORE THAN $100 ON IT THIS WEEK. I THINK I'M DOING GREAT RESISTING SHOPPING AND WORKING TOWARDS MY GOAL! I feel like aiming to get a car with my own hard earned $$ by the end of next year.

Ok maybe i'm aiming a lil to high but...i still don't think it's something impossible! :)

'nuff of my crap, i should stop.

I am such a bore sometimes.

I hope something interesting happens in my life soon.

Like me striking lottery or something. Whoa i can go on & on about all the things i'd do with that money...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Collection 52

Click (here) to view the rest of the collection!

Completed everything faster than expected! I have more though..but will leave that for next week Wed 29/10. Launching @ 12PM!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Annoy Me

Credits: Marisse (or was it her friend who took it? HMMMMM.....

XX's in the lead now and i'm pretty sure she will be from now till the voting ends! Her post (and her photoshop skills) definitely win me HANDS DOWN. I guess the reason i was leading by so much's probably because her post was up hours later. can still VOTE for me if you want! I don't wanna be last :X! Plus it's very rare i put in SOOOOO much effort for a post. Hope it's worth it so i'll believe in the saying "You reap what you sow". Hahaha. Thanks again to all those who voted!!

*To Twistandkiss customers:

I've just received the package and i will try to update ASAP! Latest by Tue. I PINK PROMISE YOU GIRLS.

I read a comment going like this:

"please lah. you don't deserve to win. i don't even know who you are in the blog-o-sphere. and please. don't think you can win xiaxue! :D "

& i seriously LOL.

I mean like...i don't deserve to win just because he/she doesn't know who i am? Makes absolutely no sense at all to me.

If everyone has the same mentality as that ****** person (voting by the person's POPULARITY)...there is no need for a contest because XX has like what, 20,000++ readers daily and i've only about 1/5 (or lesser) of that figure!

We should be looking at the quality of the advertorial and vote for the one whom we think did best!

Though i'm still in the lead now as i'm typing this...i'm still not confident at all because voting ends on the 31st Oct!

Keep those votes coming in!

Thank you all those who've voted! You don't know how happy i am to be "leading"!!! I wasn't expecting it at all because all the other scrapbooks are pretty awesome (guess whose i like most besides XX's?)!


Wish i had an advert running man...Imagine all the *kaching* *kaching* i'll be getting!

However...sadly...i can only DREAM because there is no advert. :(

By the way, do drop by 34 Haji Lane, SUP later(25th Oct, Sat) to see the new collection of tees! I'll be sooo busy at work later because i bet there'll be a huge turn up! WHICH IS GOOD...CUS I NEED TO STOP THINKING OF FOOD. Need to start exercising. BAD. Am getting lazier by the day...

It's 6.20AM now and i cannot believe i just ate a HUGE to sleeeeeeep in peace without having nightmares of me turning into a big fat elephant!!!

Needa force myself to get up by 10AM...URGH.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Canon Powershot E1


The day i cannot stop mentioning in my previous posts is finally here! In case you haven't been following my blog, let me tell you more about it!

I'm one of the 6 female bloggers chosen to do an advertorial for Canon. This is not only an advertorial but also a CONTEST!

There would be 2 winners. One chosen by Canon and the other by blog readers! So vote for me if you like my scrapbook! I spent quite a while on it and i hope it's worth it! :)

I couldn't stop smiling the moment i got hold of the camera...IT WAS SO CUTE!

I really wanted the Cotton Pink one though! Guess i was a lil too late because by the time i reached the Nuffnang office, i was only left with 2 choices, Vanilla White and Aqua Blue. Both colours are nice! I chose the white one in the end because WHITE GOES WITH EVERY OF MY OUTFIT!

(impersonation of the infamous dy video: x)

Am i annoying or what?! HAHAHA.

Do vote for me!! Don't let my journey with this wonderful camera end just like that!

Click (here) to learn more about this cutie pie!

My posts will definitely be much more entertaining with pictures right? We all want that don't we?

Please pretty pretty please with a cherry on top...VOTE (click the link!!!)!

Well we all know Xiaxue's definitely gonna win...BUT I CAN WIN TOO IF YOU VOTE FOR ME (You stand to win awesome Canon products too!) CUS THERE'S 2 PRIZES SO VOTE OK?

Thank you all i will love you for a life time. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BKK Trip (Part II)

Hiiiiyaaa i am slowly getting used to Singapore. Seeing gloomy faces everywhere...Urgh.

I was there (at Thailand) for only about 4 days but i learnt a lot! The people there seem to be so happy and contented leading such simple lives earning just enough to live. Whereas here in Singapore, our lives are so much more comfortable earning probably 5x more than them(majority of the thais) but yet we can never be contented and always yearning for more. That's why most of us work soooo hard to earn more money and end up being stressed up which results in us being very moody half the time (and it shows on most of our faces...).

Ok that aside, let me start on Day 3!

We headed to....


Went to try the food at the food court...

Food looks quite good right?

But it SUCKED. wasn't really cheap (compared to all our other meals we had in BKK).

However i like the whole modern look of the place (they even have a place to use the internet-that's how i managed to blog)! I also like that they go by a "cashless" system kinda like Marche.

I don't really like MBK. Not a good place to do your shopping at. A lot of nice eateries though! Had ice cream at a shop on the 1st level and it was damn good! About SGD$2.50 per scoop though...pretty much like Singapore's?

After spending about 2 hours at MBK, we decided to head to Chatuchak Weekend Market!

Went by a Tuk Tuk again!

Wondering where my hat went?


I wonder how those super skinny people or kids tahan the trip! Quite dangerous.

But you know what??


He got the Tuk Tuk driver to stop at the side and he ran at the speed of light to save my poor hat.

YAY!!! But poor hat got so dirty...kena run over by 09863417824 cars and buses.

We shopped for close to 5 hours? The place is HUGE. Saw a super duper nice pair of Vans shoes and i soooo wanted to get it but was quite unsure of its authencity. :( They even have Dr Denims and Cheap Mondays there? Hmm....a bit weird ah.

After all that walking...we were soooo tired we decided to go back to the hostel.

Ordered food!

It was so cheap and good we even ordered a 2nd round!

No wonder i gained weight.

Eat and eat and eat non-stop hits.

Day 4!

Wish this day didn't have to come so fast!

We had to go back to Singapore!

We had to wake up at around 6am to catch our flight but since we're such pigs...i stupidly turned the alarm off for the phone UNKNOWINGLY, daryl stupidly turned the alarm off for his itouch cus he said i was going "SO NOISY *COVER EARS*!!!!!" and the receptionist forgot to give us a morning call...


Stranded at the airport...

Sleeping for an additional hour costed us $4xx for a return ticket to Singapore.


Lesson learnt.

If you've a early morning flight, go to the airport early to sleep!

Beautiful views from the plane...

and after 2 hours...


Am soooo going back again! :)

Remember to come back on the 24th October to view my scrapbook!!! ;)

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Back!

Hey ho!!! I'm back in sunny Singapore! It feels so much more comfortable cus everywhere's familiar.


I really love Bangkok!

Yes i went to Thailand!!!! And of course...since it's the best shopping destination,i shopped a lot...say, 20kg of clothings? Hmm is that a lot? 

It was really really enjoyable and it's the first time my boyfriend actually bought more clothes than me (only on the first day but on the whole i bought more i win! hehe!).

Let me begin with Day One!

Decided to go by a budget airline and i swear the plane's really small!!

Thank goodness it's only a 2 hour trip!

Have to say SGP's so small cus Daryl met his friend in the plane,

of all places...on a plane?!?!

So this trip's not funded by our parents but instead we're using our hard earned money and we decided to put up at Ban Sabai Youth Hostel (in other words, budget hotel).

It wasn't such a bad idea after all cus the place was rather clean and they have the basic hotel services we need(laundry, food delivery, chamber maid, gym, swimming pool, massage parlour..etc).

It was away from the hustle and the bustle of the city...

not a very good thing because we had to take really loooooong taxi rides to the shopping destinations.

But the taxi fare there is extremely cheap!!! Really wonder how they earn!

We headed to Chatuchak Weekend Market for awhile in hope that it'll be open on a Fri but was a trip wasted...

Saw cute puppies though!

They don't allow us to touch it nor take photos of the animals but thankfully i managed to snap a few!

The puppies there are sooooooo cute and very cheap (and there are A LOT of breeds)! We asked the price for a toy poodle and if i'm not wrong, it's only about SGD$190??!?! It's crazyyyyyy!! We wanted to get a pup back sooo badly but we'd face a lot of difficulties cus SGP is so strict.

The pets section has kitties, lizards, snakes, bunnies....a lot of different animals!! Went crazy squealing like mad (and screaming because lizards and snakes give me the creeps)!

Headed to Suan Lam Night Bazaar after that and sadly, we didn't take any pictures because we were too busy shopping and enjoying our full body massage for only $10/hour? Awesome or what!!

Day 2 - We woke up super duper early!!!

Went to Platinum Fashion Mall to get clothes!

It's a wholesale mall so it's an excellent place for blog shop owners to head to!

Food in Thailand is very very cheap. We ordered so much but the bill totaled up to only about SGD$23 for 2 people?

Sigh this trip made me gain 3kg! Am very sad but i will lose it i will lose it!!! We had supper every night before going to bed...gosh.

The street food is DA BEST. Super cheap and super goooooooooood!

After we were done with Platinum Mall, we headed to Khaosan Road!

Super sian and tired...thank goodness there's shipping companies all around! Cannot imagine if we have to carry all the stuff back to the hotel..

Daryl looooooves this place so much cus he can find all his ear plugs and studs here at a steal!

Khaosan Road is just like Holland V in Singapore. A lot of ang mohs here.

We visited many tattoo parlours and settled down at Idea Studio cus the people there are very very friendly!

I realised that everyone in Bangkok's so much friendlier than the people in Singapore. There are a lot of people who look really fierce but when you talk to them, they're so helpful and friendly. I think the ratio of the nice people in BKK to the ratio of that not so nice ones is like 100:1? I love the Thais!!

We sat at Idea Studio talking to the crew and guess what?


Hehe that's right i got a small tattoo!

Have been wanting to do this since a long time and since it's simple (just fonts) i suppose it's ok to let them do it! 

The cool thing is they gave me a certificate thingy with a picture of my tattoo and some words!

Oh and he made me totally freak out cus he made a mistake in a letter (partly because he doesn't know how to read)!!! Thank god he managed to cover it up or else i think i'll just die man...

Am very proud of it! It's really cool to travel around the world and get inked by different artists all around the world!!

You'll get to see the close up SOON. Not revealing it till 24th so you will come back to see the post! Hehe.

However, having a bad feeling about the look of it when it heals...a lot of friends did it there and it looks all smudgy...

So sad!! I want it to remain like that...swollen and dark. Looks like it's uhmmmm...embossed? Haha.

After that, we headed to Suan Lam Night Bazaar AGAIN!!

Had the Thai Food there and ordered A LOT. The food there is soooo cheap we couldn't help it!

Went for another round of shopping and MASSAGE! Was so good Daryl and i fell asleep.

Went back home by the Tuk tuk...

Scary but very very fun! Bought supper on the way back and yup, stuffed ourselves silly!

I want to continue with DAY 3 (& today) but i am soooo tired i think i should get some rest now!

I might continue tomorrow (or the day after...or not till 24th)!! :D

By the way, before i go,

Sup would like to invite you to our 3rd Collection Launch Party on 25 October 2008, Saturday. See you there!