Saturday, November 29, 2008

Going to a flea!


I have a lot of people e-mailing and smsing me asking how to get to Haji Lane so HELP IS HERE!

Click (this) for more!!!

Hope that helps.

So i'll see you tomorrow right? :)


Sorry, I. Was. Bored.

Ok still am...i pray hard there'll me more people later. Maybe it's quiet because the sun is being such a bitch. I nearly died while walking from Bras Basah to Haji Lane in my jacket. STUPID WEATHER.

Come to Haji Lane this Sunday (30 Nov)!!


I am going to be selling my pre-loved apparels + old stocks from at only $10!! You heard it right! T-E-N DOLLARS.

Over 200 pieces to choose from! If you're lucky you might just find some pieces from Forever21/Topshop/Supre in the bunch.

There's gonna be another booth selling brand new items for the new Collection #59 for!

Both booths will be there from 1pm-8pm (might just close slightly earlier if all's sold out)! So many things to choose from you sure don't wanna miss out on this!

P.S Regarding where i got the shredded tee, i do not wish to place the link of the place i got it here on my blog. PLEASE stop posting the link on my comment box because i won't accept it. I don't wish to reveal where i got it from because i'm pretty certain i'll see it around on the streets more often and that annoys me. I know i'm selfish but I REALLY HATE WALKING DOWN THE STREET SEEING SOMEONE WEARING THE EXACT SAME THING AS ME. I'm sure most of you don't that's why sometimes we've to be selfish. I know a couple of you will hate me for this but please try to understand?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I'm Wearing

It's been long since i last posted a look!

So here's 1!

Here's a tutorial on how to do your own shredded tee/tank: (CLICK HERE)

By the way i didn't do it myself...i bought it :X. WAS TOO LAZY TO D.I.Y!! Plus i ALWAYS screw things up. However.... I HOPE YOU SUCCEED IN MAKING YOUR VERY OWN SHREDDED TEE/TANK!

Have fun & good luck! :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Brought Cammy the DSLR out to play (ok more like WORK to be exact)! Pictures weren't a disappointment. :) Thank goodness!

Here's a couple of pictures i feel that's not bad (for a noob photographer like me).

As you can see, the place was PACKED. I hate it i hate it but oh well there's nothing i can do about it. This shows that the party's a success? Though the program was cancelled. Was a disappointment. Yeah i know!!!

Am very tired.

Not to mention, STRESSED UP.

Got Daryl to help me with the Twistandkiss e-mails but instead of easing my burden it kinda made me more busy trying to figure out how to solve it. However, i think things are better now. Just 1 or 2 more to resolve and i can call it a day.

Didn't get much sleep yesterday. I think i'm going to become over weight soon. Yeah if you don't already know, lack of sleep = weight gain!! I read about it somewhere. It is sad. :(

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hair Horror!

Today i re-did my extensions! It was long and pretty!

However, a few minutes ago, i ruined it!

Felt that the length was way too long (longest strand at my waist!!) and i just had to do something about it so i took a paper scissors, tied my hair in a pony tail and snipped off about 2 inches.

Which i realize is A LOT only after snipping it.

Let down my hair and i got a shock of my life. The length seems to be even shorter than my actual length. That means i actually cut my real hair! It's so uneven now i think i've to go get it cut by a PROFESSIONAL tomorrow. My length will definitely be shorter so i am contemplating because AHHHH!!! I swore never to cut my hair till it reaches my ideal because of this one stupid mistake...

Feeling extremely regretful...

Cannot possibly go re-do my extensions again right? Will have to bear with it for 2 months. Which will be quite torturous because i've to look at my reflection everyday and be unhappy with my hair.




Ok so that smart alec is going around leaving mean comments at more tagboards!

I will make him/her stop....

Ive done some research and i found some information from the person's ip add. Not very sure about the accuracy though...

However the person is using Starhub Max Online! Hehe scared not you imposter?

I see a name too but shall not reveal that first...maybe it's inaccurate? If this imposter is going too far, i will put the name of the owner of the broadband here.

Some people are asking me to go to the police but nope, it's too quick, quite stupid and unnecessary. For now.

So please imposter STOP BEING CHILDISH. You do not want to get into deep shit don't you?

P.S Realize that impersonator leaves comments on those readers who leave their blog links at my Haloscan. Try to refrain yourself from leaving your URL for now alright? Or else you know you'll get attacked (if that impersonator still dares).

So many thoughts running through my head now. Sometimes i wish i can just go a day without working (replying e-mails, mailing out stuff, job @ SUP...etc...), just take a break from all of it. If possible head to some resort to just relax...FREE MY MIND!

However that'll be too irresponsible and i'm sure i wouldn't be able to play in peace cause it'd be filled with guilt.

But i am feeling so tired now...and not forgetting lonely.

I need a break but i've got so little time and so much to do.

Feel so disconnected from my favourite girls. Not exactly lonely because i am surrounded with people almost everyday but sometimes when you don't have those who mean the world to you with just feel like everyone seems non-existent? I just hope after these few months of non-stop work, i can meet them like how i used to. I can't wait. I really miss them to bits. We just met 2 weeks ago and it feels like 2 months ago.... Also, I really want to meet all my friends whom i've not met since i can't remember when...It's sad that because of my packed schedule, i've to drift away from so many people.

I hate that.

I hate how one moment you both were so closed and the next, complete strangers. Maybe not strangers but you'll no longer feel as comfortable with each other as you used to.

Sigh. Sorry for this post. Got up on the wrong side of bed i guess.

Anyway you know what they say, suffer now and enjoy later.

Everything i'm doing now...all the sacrificing of friendship and'll pay off in time to come. Hopefully?

Must. Cheer. Up.

But it's hard when i look at my schedule and realize from Today to Sunday........


Should i go jogging now? Hmmmmmm.

** P.S
I just had $4 mee pok with loads of chilli and a big cup of guava juice. Am bloated but feeling much much better! Eating cheers me up. A lot. Maybe i was all "emo" because I woke up hungry. You know what they say...a hungry man is an angry man. But in this case, sad man.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


As you can see....Daryl is sleeping very very soundly beside me (am soooo gonna get killed once he sees this picture but it is funny! haha)....

So here i am beside him entertaining myself with Photo Booth.

If you're wondering why i look so's because i've no make up. It's been ages since i last took a picture with no make up! Oh well..i was bored. Haha. Ok it's not as ugly as i thought it'll turn out to be (not saying it's pretty either)...maybe because my complexion did improve a lil after the painful facial!

Here's me with make up...
It's a lot of difference right!

I wish i could sleep with my make up and go everywhere with make up!

But sad thing is...Daryl HATES it when i have make up on. Even if it's only foundation. I obviously look better with make up on but no... he insists i look better without and not put make up when i'm with him.


So anyway, 

I'll share with you what's embarassing...

Notice my FBT is not a mirror reflection? 

Yeah because i wore it inside out!!

I did not realise it until i met Daryl at his place. So that means i wore it out for about 1 hour?With an inverted FBT logo and the size tag sticking out behind?! People must be laughing...SIGH. I know. HOW STUPID CAN I GET.

I did not bother taking a second look at myself in the mirror before i went out because how good can i look in FBTs and no make up right? I'd rather not look...cus if i look...i'll be like "eww....why do i look like this? should i put make up when i'm only going to be going a few bus stops away? but i'll have to wash it away when i reach cus daryl hates make up. uh oh!!" and be all depressed and stressed up. Wish i was rich so i can go do ____!! Not everyone's born naturally pretty i guess.

So yeah...this is what happens when you don't take a last look at yourself in the mirror before heading out!

Lesson Learnt.

**To the person who is going around using my name to leave comments at other people's blog: What can you gain from this? You think people would be stupid enough to believe those comments are really left by me? Why would i say such mean things to people i do not know? How am i able to find so much time going to different random people's blog leaving comments boasting about how great i am and saying things to make them feel lousy? SERIOUSLY...what's with your mind?

& to those who've received such comments, you know i really am not that childish! Please do not take those comments to heart!! 

SOME PEOPLE SEEM TO HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. With such a mind, bet your life's quite sad. You should be fixing your own life instead of poking your nose into other people's life. Trying so damn hard to ruin my life in so many ways. 

But sadly, it's not going to work...Not that easy...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Busy Bee

I will be updating tomorrow afternoon (Sat 22 November) @ 1PM SHARP!

Here's a couple of items to look out for!

Do NOT ask me for the price! Neither should you ask me to give you priority because i won't (must be fair...fastest fingers first!).

Happy happy me....I can finally sleep early today! Yippeeeee!


Sorry for the lack of updates! Been really busy. Haven't been sleeping's about 5 hours of sleep and i've to be up to do my mailing, replying of emails and when i'm done at night i'll party with the people and the cycle repeats itself...

It's tiring.

BUT IT'S GOOD I'M NOT COMPLAINING. I'd rather be busy than do nothing at all.

Hate how i've no pictures for this post. Need. A. Compact. Camera. Now.

Wonder when i can collect the Canon E1!!! Can't wait! :)

Oh speaking about cycle...

I'm quite sick & tired of all the making up and breaking up. :( Too lazy to talk things out now. Sadly...that's the only solution to make everything fall back into place. :(

Sometimes i really envy those who're single and carefree! But of course, being in a relationship has it's advantages as well so i guess you can't have everything. Oh well...

Am going to go prepare for Twistandkiss's next collection now!

BTW, i am soooo happy to be able to be in contact with the boy i had a crush on 10 years back! Back then we'd play flag erasers in class ALL THE TIME! Gosh i can remember everything soooo clearly! Haha.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sad girl

Awww i see....that girl needs attention! However, so sad but true, I don't give 18 year olds who rock on baby unicorns and fly all around candy coated mountains any. Grow up already! How old are you? 12?! Btw am blogging on the bus!!

Monday, November 17, 2008


I feel so accomplished!

I managed to wake up early despite the fact that i slept at 2ish to go jogging! Finally. I really hope i won't stop today though! Must do it 3 times a week! It isn't hard...i've done it before and it is really effective (in helping you lose the flabs)! I'd love to go swimming but it's really uncomfortable going to the public pool alone (after realizing that ah peks will wear their goggles to look underwater to see your body!!) so yeah...jogging's the way to go!!!

Sad thing is that i feel much tanner now and i know i don't look good tan. I don't think the sun block i am using works. It states SPF130 but i still get tan no matter how much i apply. Stupid sun block. I guess it's quite impossible to stay fair if you want to go under the sun for an hour - 3 times a week. :(

My hair is a total mess now. I used a paper scissors to snip snip snip it and the outcome? You wouldn't wanna see it. It will be in a bun till i do something about it. Gonna complete my highlights later (woohoo super light blonde!!) but i'm quite worried about my hair condition. It's so dry (feels like grass man) after the bleaching and everything. My scalp hurts a lot when i pull my hair lightly.

I feel that when i go to the salon to do hair treatments, they seem to just put conditioner and it will stay soft for a day and go back to it's original state the following day. Seems like a total waste of money because i can put conditioner everyday and have soft hair everyday without paying someone to do it for me!

So what will work for my hair condition? Hmm.....Looking for good hair products/shampoo to solve this problem! Am an idiot at hair products!


Anyone interested in Plain Black Harem Pants (looks almost like the one seen below)?

As seen in Alexander Wang Spring 2009 RTW

I've placed orders for a small quantity of it and wondering if i should bring in more!

Leave a comment to let me know asap so i can estimate how many to bring in! The pants will be in the collection (#58) after tomorrow's.

Tomorrow's (Tue 18 Nov) Collection #57 will be massive! Launching at 9pm sharp so remember to visit!

I'll be bringing in more items (more designs and quantity) from now till Dec! That'll mean busy busy but it's ok because my main focus is to make as much money as possible for Jan...

Most of you should already know what's gonna happen in Jan but if you still don't know...

Wait & see! :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Sometimes i wish i didn't have to do certain things...but because they're my friends,i don't mind sacrificing.

& at least i get a lil something back.

However...there's a lot of things i have to face.

Like other people's impression of me...causing me to feel like i'm losing instead of gaining. I try to avoid doing things which i know i'll get flamed for but it's quite hard sometimes and i guess that's what's life's all about. Life is easy..but we complicate it.

I managed to get rid of spammers for a period of time because they didn't have anything to say about me (other than my appearance...too fat, too ugly...but too bad i cant do anything about it YET - not till i earn enough of surgery). It felt good. I like peace. I look forward to coming home to read my comment box cause it makes me feel good about myself and it makes my day. Now...they're back...those evil and mean comments are back. Though i've said i'll ignore them (which i will), i'd still rather not have to read those at all. I kinda dread going home to read the pending comments.

But...I do know i'm not perfect. Will never be. Bad comments are inevitable when you have xxxx people visiting your blog daily. Not everyone shares the same view as you.

I picked a tip from underage-girl. She edits the bad ones and turn it to good ones! Which i think is a damn good idea and i should try! This will piss them off...which will make me happy! Cus their objective is to piss you off but if you turn everything around by doing this...HO HO HO! :) She's amazing to come up with such a thing! Haha.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Mega Party "XOXO"

Ok this is extremely annoying!!! I got flamed...AGAIN. Time to clarify some stuff!!

This time people commenting about me being a hypocrite (cus i still helped "endorse" kpg when she blogged about so many of my friends). FIRSTLY, don't you know kpg also blogged about me?

Secondly, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BECAUSE I AM NOT HELPING KPG but instead helping my friends and the producers from Etitude! The whole event is NOT all about KPG herself but instead, it's about TEENS. All kinds of teens. Teens whom lives are different from majority of the teens these days. PLUS, Donna's supposed to be part of the video but she went overseas so if you guys think i'm not being a true friend to Donna cus i helped KPG despite the fact Donna got blogged about, seriously...i know what i'm doing yeah? PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME YOU ARE MAKING YOURSELF LOOK STUPID, THANKS

Oh yeah...and i know like a lot of other people who're in the video as well whom KPG blogged realised? We all agreed to do this because we know the existence of KPG and we got blogged about for a reason (be it relationship, life, friendship...etc). So the producers think we are different and got us to get together to do this video.

AND SERIOUSLY, I AM NOT DYING TO BE IN THE LIME LIGHT ( i even in the lim light to start with?). I do not take EVERY opportunity given to be famous cus If i want, there's just SO many ways i can do it.

1) I can be a racist blogger and be on The Straits Times front page.
2) I can shoot naked pictures of myself and let it circulate around the internet.
3) I can make a Tammy Sex Video Version 2!! I bet i'll be SO famous huh?
4) I can join Singapore Idol/Don't Forget The Lyrics/Some cheena talent search thingy whatsoever...act stupid in underwear. Surely, there'll be trailers of me doing that and you can see me on TV even on the bus(on TVMobile)!


So really...that is if i'm dying to be famous yeah?

I think i've said enough to clear the air here.

Shoo fly don't bother me!

I think this video's DAMN awesome you so have to watch it. The narrator is SO good you'll actually think they took that sound clip off GG or something! I sound bad though but THAT'S NOT THE POINT OK SO NYWAY WATCH! :)

Does it sound interesting?!

Bet it does!!

We cordially invite you to THE EVENT OF THE YEAR
25th November 2008
St James Powerhouse

We present the launch of an online TV series hosted by Editude Productions, in collaboration with

For one night only, 4 chosen mega “alpha youths” (think dramatic Paris Hilton, scandalous Brangelina and even psychotic BritneySpears) will take CENTRESTAGE with the straight- talking, brilliantly witty MEGA big badboy rapper, SheikhHaikel. Come join us as Mister Sheikh Haikel grills them on love, life, destiny,betrayals, scandals and of course GOSSIP that you are DYING to hear.

Featuring special guest appearances from our Local Artiste Scene (come listen totheir stories), an exclusive opening video coming your way, and of course theunveiling of the MEGA GOSSIP STORY,, There’s something for everyone at THE MEGA PARTY 2008!

So put on those glitterati of yours to impress, and join us for THE MEGA PARTY for the year!

THE MEGA PARTY “XOXO” 25th November 2008 St James Powerhouse Doors open at 9pm

*for more updates, please log on to daily**

Presale Tickets are at SGD20.00/- **(contact me and we can nego!!)
Door Tickets are at SGD30.00/-

More details on the event coming your way!!!

Please contact Tammy (ME!) at more details!

Friday, November 14, 2008

How could I?

For the past few days...or weeks to be exact, i've not exercised nor have i watched what i was eating. I ate whatever i pleased and even if that means having 3 full meals and Mcdonalds for supper 3 days in a row.

My shows it all. So much for putting in so much effort last month to lose the chubby cheeks. Kinda managed to lose quite a bit on my face. I think? But now...i have to start all over again.

It is important to watch your diet AND AVOID FAST FOOD BY ALL MEANS if you do not wish to gain weight.

I thought exercising so much last month would've increased my metabolism and i could just let myself go eat whatever i wanted.

HOWEVER, I WAS WRONG!!! UH LIKE DUHHHHH?! Just what was i thinking huh?

I know i always ramble about how unhappy i am with my body but I REALLY AM because i don't want to go near...FAT. Not one bit!! I just dislike it when people say something like "you gained weight"...I HATE IT SO MUCH IT IS DEPRESSING.

Good Morning Bedok Stadium 3 times a week!! HERE I COME!!

I sooo wanna go jog now but i'm at work and today i end at 9pm so...:(.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've just updated Twistandkiss!

I look like shiat in the pictures because i cried a lot a few hours before and lacked of sleep. Long story!!

Anyway do check it out here!

Some of the pictures don't work :(:( because of stupid Photobucket. I'm using a paid ac and it just expired & i'm having a lot of difficulties renewing it. OH STRESSSSSSS!! :( 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Got it!

I've been using a sucky phone for quite a while because i always tend to lose/spoil my phones in no more than 3 mths after i get hold of it.

But...i have learnt to be more careful (yeah only after losing/spoiling about 3 phones in half a year)! I mustn't lose this phone because i spent hours convincing her than she should get the Blackberry Bold and sell this to me.


She just went out a few minutes ago to go get it. LOL. She is fast i tell you.

So anyway...

Here's the best part...

I finally get the...

I only had to pay my mum $4xx for it! Hoho! Compared to the idk-how-much-but-it's-more-than-4xx that you've to pay! Yay!

If you're wondering why i BUY it from my mum and not the other way round... i've said a few posts back, i've stopped depending on my mom and i want to start supporting her! I can be sucha good daughter sometimes ok! :)

I'm different from most of you lucky people. Because i have no dad. Ok i do...but my Dad is not a dad AT ALL. He is rich...BUT he refuses to support my mom...OR ME. It'd be understanding if he's poor but HE ISN'T. He even remarried. My brother's living sucha great life with the new family i doubt he remembers he has a sister...or even...who his real mother is.

I am angry thinking about it!!

However...this has taught me to be more independent! Which is not a bad thing at all!

If i'm still living with my Dad in a big house with so much money...i doubt i'll even know how to do business and i'll definitely be a complete spoilt brat who's arrogant and proud for all the wrong reasons (like being rich and getting every single thing i want). At least now if you think i'm proud...i can say that i ought to be because ive been supporting myself since the age of 16!

Yayyyy i'm glad i'm no spoilt brat!! I bet my brother's still spoilt man...He was extremely annoyingly spoilt since he was young, always getting EVERY LIL THING he wanted. My mum would control and not give him everything...if he wanted something, my mum would ask him to earn it by passing his exams but yknow what? He will hate my mum and scold me mum for it. Then he'll run to daddy he knows that dad will give him ANYTHING he demands. When dad found out he hides all his homework behind the TV cabinet and lied to him that he's been doing homework everyday, he only got scolded for a min and he'd cry and the father would apologise and buy him something. I tried telling my dad how bad my brother is but instead, MY DAD WILL SCOLD ME AND ASK ME TO STOP TRYING TO GET MY BROTHER INTO TROUBLE. Urgh. I will never forget those days!!!

Hope i'll be making enough money at the end of next year to be able to let my mum retire! I want to let her feel happy and lead a comfortable life again. Show them stupid f**kers we don't need them to be happy!

Thanks for the comments! It was really heartwarming reading all of it. :) xoxo

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Save Money


BUT...i really should be saving. Mom will start lecturing me about saving money if she learns about my recent impulsive buys...

I pray hard that when the packages arrive, she'll not be home!

It's sooo hard to save! When i have the money in my bank a/c...i'd shop online. When i have cash in hand, i'll spend even faster. When i leave the money with my friends/boyfriend, i'll ask them to pay for my stuff using that money. NEED SAVING TIPS!!

Hate myself for ordering a batch on stuff from AA ON IMPULSE last night.

Reason being...


The stupidest reason to shop.

Until D & I started watching "Whose line is it anyway? - Sound Effects", "Maury" & "Jerry Springer" on Youtube...till 5AM because it was rather addictive.

Should've watched that the whole night instead of online shopping. Sigh. 


Only 2 months to go...

It'll be here very soon...right??

I really do want everything to go smoothly and not have financial problems because of my bad shopping habit!

Ok...this post is stupid and dumb. 'm so bored at work now. IE connection is quite cocked up...or else i'll be working on the new layout for the store.

I think i look weird today. My skin and lips are soooo dry.

Here's me resembling an alien...


Gna order a chicken sandwich now. Ta!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Room 18


Have never liked doing advertorials for blog shops but only recently, for the money, i decided to 1!

This is only my 2nd blog shop advertorial in case you're wondering. 

Recently, XX posted a post regarding blog shops and i agree COMPLETELY.  Except maybe the part where she commented about the quality. 

IT IS TRUE. Almost every blog shop sells the same thing and when you keep doing advertorials for blog shop, it'll always be the same thing over and over again.

BUT places like Far East sells the same thing at double the price! So since we can get it at a steal online, why not? 

So with so many new blog shops coming up, there's a need share with the public which sites to go to which are trustworthy and efficient! That's where i feel that i should do advertorials for those who make an effort to spend a lil bit of $ on publicity.

The girls at Room 18 sponsored me the following!

Ok i know...not my style but you can't expect strangers to know my style right! 

However, i am impressed how fast they mailed the items out!

We always want to receive our items asap right! :)

I found nu bras on their site!


To wear with bare back dresses!

So you girls can head there to get it for a steal at only $17!
Only at 

By the way, apparels at Room 18's 100% handpicked and imported. Thus different from everybody else who gets it from the local suppliers.

Happy Shopping!

Tired Eyes

Have just launched a new collection at Twistandkiss.
Collection #55 (here).

Am going to fall back to sleep soon.

I missed the whole meeting of the Nuffnangers for the movie screening. I AM SO UPSET!

(picture from Wed)

Had to look after dearest drunk Donna (ahh triple Ds there!) till 6plus and GR came to take over my place. Poor girl was puking non-stop since 3am...Such a mistake to drink with an empty stomach and have to suffer so much before her trip...:(

On a side note, i am glad i'm getting better at drinking, i think? It's rare for me to stay sober after taking a sip of graveyard but I WAS PERFECTLY SOBER LAST NIGHT AFTER A FEW SIPS. Ok maybe a lil bit high for just a few good minutes but at least i was good! 

I know some of your must be thinking why i don't seem to get sick of clubbing despite going almost twice a week...

Well...i suppose it's the company? Plus, feels like it's fixed in my schedule.

Like..when people ask me something like 

"Oh so Wednesday/Fri/Sat night are you free?"

and in my mind, the first thing would be like...

"Hmm oh no i've to go down to Zouk!!!"

But of course i wouldn't say that out loud. Makes me sound like a crazy party girl who does nothing but party. Which is obviously UNTRUE. So well YEAH that's the thing that crosses my mind when you ask me that!

Man...i am amazed i actually managed to think and type this post out...


And wake up tonight/tomorrow and get busy doing my packages. Sigh. Been very very irresponsible delaying the mailing out of items. I'M SO SORRY!!!!! :(

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am a Winner!


ALL MINE!!! (together with a photo printer!)


I won the best “online scrapbook” post chosen by Canon!

I am so overjoyed because this is the FIRST competition i ever won in my entire life!! Seriously!

A big Thank You to everyone who voted and supported me till the very last day! Most importantly, thank you Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity and of course, Canon, for this fantastic camera! :)

Say "hello" to more pictures in future posts! 

I'm so tired and my throat is hurting sooooo badly now. :(:(

However, yesterday night was pretty good. Though there were only 5 of us! Well maybe because i was high. Very High.

Fri will be round #2 with many more people! Must have a blast before this break from work ends. Weeeeee! :)

Yesterday I caught High School Musical 3 with Daryl and IT WAS DAMN GOOD. I give it 4/5 popcorns! I still like the 1st one best though! However, the dancing in number 3 definitely win the rest hands down. Oh and i love Sharpay (sorry i spelt it as a dog's breed previously...didn't bother googling it lah! haha)'s Yorkshire Terrier!!! I couldn't stop hitting Daryl when there were scenes with the dog in it. Also, couldn't stop wishing there would be more appearances of the dog. 



Oh and i got a little gift for myself! The necklace! It's not worth it at all but it's pretty! Need to pamper myself once in awhile! (ok but it's not like i don't pamper myself ALL the time ps. i just bought US$250 worth of stuff from & AA... UH OH...HEHEEEE)

**P.S Received comments saying that i am showing off and you know what? YES I AM. I AM PROUD OF MYSELF. Everyone has to be proud of something and I am proud that i WORK my ass off to get that money instead of depending on my mother. Every single cent that i spend is earned by me, myself & I! I have not taken a single cent from my mom since i quitted school. Sometimes i even give my mom a small percentage of my earnings. Working hard and earning enough to let myself lead such a comfortable life. I ought to be proud of that, no? :)

But all this shopping has to stop!


Till i really have A LOT of $$. I know i can do it!

I am also in need of a new laptop and i'm eyeing on the new macbook!!!

Shall do the uploading of pictures another day.

Gotta run!! Meeting the girls for dinner!! Can't. Wait.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fifty Four

Sorry for the lack of updates but i really have nothing to blog about!

The past week has been work, work, work...

Today's the 1st day off and i went to do facial early in the morning. AS USUAL...I nearly died on the bed because it was sooo painful. I think i should go more regularly so i need not go through so much pain at one go.

Tomorrow will be exciting!

I'll finally get to go on a movie date with Daryl. I think it's going to only be the 4th time in 2 years we're catching a movie together. Thanks to free movies

On Sat we're invited to catch a movie together with some Nuffnang bloggers! So that'll be the 2 movies in a week for us! I'm quite scared though...cus i don't even have a single blogger friend (whereas they all know each other!!). The thought of going is damn scary? So...i'm kinda contemplating if i should go or not...? Hmmmmmm.....Haha. 

Oh and tomorrow night...Phuture...pray hard it'll be fun! To make up for the bad halloween? 


This week better be good!


Here's a sneak peek of what's going to be up in the store later at 7PM!

Be there at 7PM sharp to check out the rest!

And before i go...

Gucci Spring Summer 09


Pretty much? :)

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween (Not)

I'm super tired and at work. Hope i do not doze off because....i only managed to catch 4 hours of sleep! :(

I can sum up last night in 2 short and simple words...

Screwed Up.

The crowd outside Zouk was amazing though!!! I was super impressed with how almost 90% of the huge population there actually bothered to put in so much effort to dress up!! Think... Rubix Cube? A Pear? Milk? Doctors? Summon Lady (y'know the one who's always in white shirt and khaki bucket hat)? Man in Diapers? THAIPUSAM?!?! There was a lot more which i cannot think of because there was really A (don't mind me) FUCKING LOT!!

It was really entertaining. Could have sat there to people watch the whole day...

I really wanted to dress up this Halloween!


I did not because i was too busy with work that i couldn't find time to go costume shopping. :(

I really wanted to be a kitty this year!!! :(

I got kitty ears from Shermin/Carina/Shihui (whose?? haha) though...WHICH IS BETTER THAN HAVING NOTHING AT ALL.

Felt kinda inferior among the Zouk crowd and we decided that next year we'll dress up and BE THERE SUPER EARLY.

Did i mention how crowded Zouk was?!?! Ok IT WAS CRAZY. It was kinda impossible to get in when we reached at around 10pm (possibly earlier) so we hopped to Butterfactory which was crowded as well? :/

Left with no where to go so we had a mini picnic and then after that head to some place at town and yeah...

Click HERE for the rest.

(Don't believe the pictures. It looks fun but pictures are seriously damn deceiving!!!)


To top it off, Freda was super down because of some stupid boys. :(:(

But i had Mcdonalds breakie after sucha long time...THAT'S ONE HAPPY THING! YAY!

How was your Halloween?