Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It's been 4 days and i still haven't got batteries for my (compact) camera despite the fact that i wake up every morning reminding myself to get it.

LATER I MUST GET IT. Since i lent M my fatty cam. Ha.

So like i'm soooo bored....& tired. Am waiting for my hair to dry. That explains this post. After my hair's dried i must lug a huge ass trolley full of packages to the post office then back home to refill the trolley with more packages and to the P.O again. Oh and then home again because i cannot possibly bring the trolley with me to do my manicure. HATE IT. HATE DOING THINGS TWICE. That's why i think i need a car man. Hahaha. K whatever...anyway i cannot wait to do my nails. Exciting. I am so retarded to be excited over it but when was the last time i did my nails?! I can finally have NEATLY painted nails. FREDA CAN STOP LAUGHING AT MY ANY OH HOW NAILS ALREADY HAHAHA.

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